Pete Buttigieg's Secret: Absolute Winner of Biden's Administration?

Toni Koraza
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Pete Buttigieg rose to the top of the Democratic primary during the most heated elections in recent history. He charmed crowds from all sides of the aisle. Both Fox News and CNN gave coverage to the previously unknown South Bend mayor.

He was one of the first candidates to make appearances in most mainstream media. Seeing a Democratic candidate on Fox News was shocking and equally refreshing.

The biggest kicker? Pete Buttigieg came prepared.

He must've heard it a million times before:

  • How to pronounce your name? Butidizdi? Buti..?
  • Why do you think a young fellow like you can serve as President?
  • Do you really think you can take on Donald Trump?

If you were Pete, the above questions would be painfully expected.

He stole American hearts, one answer at a time. A 38-year-old Army Veteran who both served on the front lines and in office had the shock value and the upper hand on his opponents.

Reporters played into Pete's hands like pigeons to a 3-day old bread-loaf.

  • Buttigieg is easy to pronounce (say "boot-edge-edge," or "buddha-judge")
  • Pete Buttigieg has years of experience both in administration and on the front lines, defending America's freedom.
  • And of course, all this is about the experience which Donald Trump doesn't really have in the military or political arena.

Mic drop. Painfully defeated, nobody couldn't put Pete down. He brought fresh energy and enthusiasm to the political arena. People loved it.

Then, Biden came out of nowhere. Pete dropped out of the race while leaping ahead.

Joe Biden took the lead, and the rest is history.

The real plan?

Today, Pete Buttigieg is the new Secretary of Transportation. He's tackling some of America's burning problems, like the supply chain issues and infrastructure.

While Biden gets all the bad press for every tide that turns in America, Pete gets all the praise. The new infrastructure bill is blowing in his direction. He's set to spend over $126 billion over the next few years.

So, what if this was Pete's goal all along? What if, in Machiavelian fashion, he obscured his political aspirations by running for President, when in fact, he wanted to join the top political echelons in the country. By aiming too high, he settled for a position well above being a major to some 100,000 people of South Bend in Indiana.

If that's the case, then Pete is someone to keep an eye on in the upcoming elections. He could become the next President or a puppet master steering America from the shadows.

Do you want Pete Buttigieg to become the next President of the United States?

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