Should Joe Biden Resign? 27% of Californians Say Yes

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Joe Biden rose to become the President of chance.

Many voted for anything but Donald Trump. So the good ol' Joe won in a landslide, bringing the first woman VP with him to the White House. America got rid of the man they loved to hate, Donald Trump.

The story sounds like a perfect liberal tale of progress and social justice. But is it really? Many are waking up to the new reality, fighting a political hangover.

Joe Biden promised the moon and stars. To be fair, this President has moved more political pieces in the first 100 days than most presidents in our living history.

  • Ended America's Longest War-- the war in Afghanistan
  • Tackled the international pandemic head-on
  • Signed multiple bills to support the economy
  • Addressed the problematic infrastructure
  • Rejoined the Paris Climate Accord

However, Joe Bide has a number of shortcomings. Retreat from Afghanistan turned bloody. The supply lines clogged up. Texas border became a humanitarian crisis. And so much more.

While presidents can't wave all these problems away, they get the credit for everything, good or bad.

Thanks, Obama, I guess.

Maybe voters expected Biden to play the opposite of Donald Trump, as in results just as much as in appearance and behavior. Unfortunately, President Biden is not a miracle.

California is turning on Biden and Harris

Democrats have enjoyed total Californian support since the 1990s. George H. Bush was the last Republican to win California in 1988. The Golden State voted Blue on every election since.

So, can the tide turn in the Republican favor?

History says, Yes!

Texas was once a Democratic stronghold. And California was a land of Republicans.

Today, some 27% of Californians disapprove of President's work. From that pool, 7% are strongly opposed to everything Biden does. Their support lingers at 55%, which is eight percentage points less than last November.

These numbers wouldn't mean much if it wasn't for the nationwide dissident against the President.

If we take away Donald Trump's record-shattering disaproval rating, Biden struggles with the highest disaproval ratings since Bill Clinton's. Clinton's disaproval shortly rose to 50% during his first 100 days in office.

To Biden's favor, Bill Clinton has rehabilitated his reputation to become one of the most-loved American presidents to date. Biden is putting a lot of effort into long-term projects that could show results in the coming years. So, we're yet to see Biden's popularity.

However, the midterms are closing in, and Democrats are struggling to keep the country together.

Are you worried about Joe Biden's presidency?

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