How a 15-Year-Old Girl Became the Face of Climate Action

Toni Koraza
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Is she speaking truth to power, or is she a puppet at the hands of higher forces?

Your answer might differ, depending on where you stand on the political spectrum. For example, Greta has been a hero for the liberal left and a mentally-ill vigilante for the right.

Greta Thunberg became the face of climate change efforts when she was only fifteen years old. Today, she's eighteen. Her advocacy for raising awareness and supporting climate action has only started. She took her sentiment to the streets during the COP26 Climate Conference held in Glasgow this November.

"Inside COP26, there are only politicians pretending to take climate change seriously.... no more blah, blah, blah."

Greta Thunberg concluded that this year's climate summit was a failure.

Many argue how COP26 leaders arrived in private jets to the conference. However, planes are known for extremely polluting the environment.

In their defense, we're unsure how to get the world leaders in one place by any other means of transportation. Maybe they can have a Zoom meeting next time?

Inside the conference, President Obama strongly urged everyone to join the fight on securing the future of our children and grandchildren.

"Climate change can't be seen as an opportunity to score political points," said Obama during his speech at the conference.

"It doesn't matter whether you're a Republican or a Democrat if your Florida house is flooded by rising seas... Nature, physics, science, do not care about party affiliation."

He urged everyone to get involved in the climate efforts.

How did Greta Thunberg become a symbol of public action on climate change?

She became the role model for millions around the world. Her advocacy is urging people to wake up and address the climate crisis.

"They say that they love their children above all else, and yet, they are stealing their future."

Greta stood her ground alone in 2018. She sat next to the Swedish parliament with a sign protesting the climate crisis. Greta showed an admirable trait because you don't need extreme support or popular vote to act for your principles. She was a leader that day.

Greta's cry for change spread across the world. First, other classmates and teachers joined, then other cities, then whole countries, and finally all continents united with Greta in efforts to address the climate crisis.

She has set a chain of events in motion that became global.

Do you think we need more leaders like Greta Thunberg?

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