Do You Want DeSantis to Protect Florida?

Toni Koraza
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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been addressing climate change issues without calling them climate change issues.

Some blame the Republican party for the rift between language and action.

Former governor Rick Scott explicitly banned state workers from using the terms like "climate change" and "rising sea levels." The prohibition of climate-specific language only expedited the issue. Leaders like Ron DeSantis now have to find a way to tackle the issue without addressing it in language.

So, Florida Governor invested his time and resources in building the Sunshine State's environmental resilience. DeSantis boosted efforts to protect waterways, coastlines, and coral reefs. The Senate Bill 1954, which he signed into law, delivers over $640 million in funds to combat the impacts of rising sea levels, surging storms, and ever-more-frequent floods.

  • Resilient Coastlines Initiative: $12.5 million for the shore and coral reef protection 
  • Resilient Florida Grant Program: $29 million for establishment and planning efforts of the program  
  • Statewide Flooding and Sea Level Rise Resilience Plan: $500 million for implementation of statewide resilience projects
  • Resilient Florida Grant Program: $100 million for projects in partnership with local communities

Some of these programs have already started. Others will kick off in 2022.

The government under DeSantis seems to openly address rising sea levels. His actions admit to the urgency of climate change. Florida is under immense pressure. Hurricanes and floodings are ever so frequent.

Ponte Verde Beach is crumbling unto itself. The Florida Keys are losing ground under the rising sea. Water pumps on Miami Beach are now a common sight.

Expedited climate change is becoming an intense headache for everyone in Florida.

Are you worried about the effects negative repercussions of climate change in Florida?

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