Can the United States Survive Without California's Food Production?

Toni Koraza
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Your food is under threat.

Most of the produce that comes across your table grows in California. The Golden State accounts for:

  • 43% of Vegetables
  • 63% of Fruits
  • 93% of Nuts

California's $54B agriculture industry is unrivaled. The Golden state is the hand that feeds America. To continue doing so, California needs more fresh water and a stable environment.

The strained transport, persistent droughts, and wildfires complicate food production. As a result, Californian farmers can barely cope with current challenges.

America is in danger.

Prolonged droughts mean less food for Americans

Draughts are harsh, extreme, and unpredictable at times.

For example, Redwood Valley enjoys 38 inches of rain on average. The town is located near the headwaters of the Russian River, which is usually a peak water supply condition.

Yet, this year's drought devastated Redwood Valley.

Each resident has been told to use a maximum of 55 gallons of water per day, which is enough for a bath and several toilet flushes. San Joe is another such example. San Joseans need to reduce their water use by 15% this year.

Wildfires are another source of trouble.

More than 8,000 fires have destroyed 2,495,889 acres (1,010,050 ha) and at least 3,629 buildings this year. Nineteen out of the twenty largest wildfires all happened in the past twenty years. Unfortunately, the situation is only getting worse.

Climate Change is complicating the food supply

California's food potential is rich and generous. But mounting climate pressures are forcing farmers out of business.

Biden's team is aware of the potential risks. The current administration has pledged $4 billion to strengthen and diversify the American food-supply system.

Are you worried about the potential food shortages?

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