Experts Warn: More People Die of Aspirin than COVID-19 Vaccines

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More than 3,000 people die of Aspirin every year.

"Death rate attributed to NSAID/aspirin use was between 21.0 and 24.8 cases/million people, respectively, or 15.3 deaths/100,000 NSAID/aspirin users. Up to one-third of all NSAID/aspirin deaths can be attributed to low-dose aspirin use," as per the study published in the National Library of Medicine.

"The chance of death in aspirin overdose is 1 percent. Additionally, 16 percent of people who overdose on Aspirin have lasting side effects," according to another study published by the American College of Emergency Physicians.

Press Association quotes the total tally of Aspirin-related deaths to over 3,000 per year.

Less people die of COVID vaccines

Only five deaths have been linked directly to the Johnson COVID-19 vaccine, according to a CDC study. So far, other trials failed to establish a direct link between deaths and covid-19 vaccines.

One can make an argument that more people had a COVID-19 shot than an aspirin. I, for one, don't take Aspirin but have taken both shots of Pfizer's vaccine. And many around the globe don't have access to German-made painkillers but have vaccine shots. This is not to say that Aspirin is unsafe. By all accounts, the mild pain medication has several use cases. Millions have been taking Aspirin for over a century since it was first made.

Donald Trump is among the daily Aspirin users. The former president takes a baby aspirin every day to reduce the risk of heart attack, Dr. Harold Bornstein shared with the Times.

More people die of everyday medication like Aspirin than COVI-19 vaccines, according to the available data. Please, note, this could change in the near future in either direction.

COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective, says CDC.

Reports of death after the COVID-19 vaccination are extremely rare in the United States.

Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) collected 9,367 reports on deaths in the 30 days vaccination. This is the total number of deaths of all people that have been vaccinated in the US, regardless of the cause. So, if someone dies in a car accident, his death is recorded under VAERS.

CDC regards COVID vaccines as safe and effective.

In the United Kingdom, 1,645 people died shortly after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine, according to Yellow Card Scheme.

So if you've seen the above number thrown around social media, it might have been misused to establish a cause-and-effect between COVID vaccines and adverse effects.

The misinformation campaign has used this and similar tactics to influence large groups of people not to accept the vaccine.

Some individuals claimed how COVID-19 took over 150,000 lives in the USA. Routers have found this claim to be FALSE and based on misrepresented data.

Are you worried about the misinformation campaigns on COVID vaccines?

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