Experts Warn: California to Run Out of Fresh Water Soon

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Most of the American produce comes from California.

  • 43% of Fresh Vegetables
  • 63% of Fresh Fruit
  • 93% of Tree Nuts

California's food production is unrivaled. The Golden State is feeding America on many levels. To continue doing so, California needs more fresh and clean water.

A strained supply chain, persistent droughts, and dry farms are complicating lives across America. California is the key state in getting America back on track for the Holidays. It's a bloodline for the whole country.

And this bloodline is running out of blood, figuratively. California might not have enough water to supply the whole country with food in the near future.

America is in danger

Californians are used to droughts water shortage warnings. For some, the water never really runs out. For others, water is a scarce commodity.

The hydrological cycles prevent water from leaving the planet, as some activists may assume. Fresh water never really runs out in its physical form. Water problems are somewhat different. They're primarily political, socio-economic, and environmental (pollution being high on the list).

If you combine the three, with the rising population and increased demand for pretty much everything, you could get a clearer picture of why the Californian government, farmers, and science are worried about water shortages.

Prolonged droughts are already an issue
Draughts are harsh, extreme, and unpredictable at times.

For example, Redwood Valley has been enjoying 38 inches of rain on average. It's located near the headwaters of the Russian River. These are perfect water conditions.

Yet, this year's draught devastated Redwood Valley. Each resident has been told to use a maximum of 55 gallons of water per day, which is enough for a bath and several toilet flushes. San Joe is another such example. Residents of San Jose have been asked to reduce their water use by 15%.

Meanwhile, other environmental dangers also plague life in the Golden State.

Is your hometown facing water scarcity?

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