Why Are Governments Afraid of Climate Change?

Toni Koraza

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Joe Rogan is taking on "climate alarmists" in his latest interview.

The guest, Michael Schellenberger, explained how Climate Change is not as big a problem as the media wants you to believe.

"We're not facing extinction... something like 400 Americans died of natural disasters in 2019. Three hundred times more people died of drug deaths than natural disasters..." said Schellenberger.

First, lives are scared. Downplaying the seriousness of someone's death is downright criminal. Second, the argument reminds people of the early-pandemic rumor that COVID-19 kills only 2% of infected, which was neither true nor a small percentage.

Somehow, Joe and Michael lay out the argument that media is selling us the idea of climate change. The climate is just a minor issue, and we should focus on "drug-related problems," according to Michael.

The podcast is available on Joe Rogan's Spotify. Here's the clip of the climate exchange. Watch it for yourself.

Few questions can't escape my mind.

1. Why would China, Russia, America, Germany, Japan, France, and most governments spin the same lie?

China and the United States are frenemies.

Russia and Germany are smashing tensions with cheap gas. France is not happy with the Australian nuclear submarine deal.

Global geopolitics are complex pots of open conflicts.

So, why would these governments lie unanimously about climate change?

Burning fossil fuels has industrialized America, but China has other plans.

China could easily tank United States' narrative. Instead, China is trying to honor its climate pledge. President Xi Jinping promised to stop building new coal-powered projects soon, according to Reuters. Chian is actively investing in recycling, renewables, and other sustainable ways of life.

So, why do Joe Rogan and Michael Schellenberger frame this issue around the media being overzealous?

The world is bigger than CNN.

2. America had 19 consequent years of record-shattering wildfires

California had 23% more wildfires in 2020 than just 20 years ago.

The temperature is slightly higher. Wildfire can now burn through the night, destroying lives, habitats, and property. Firefighters are facing the impossible task of trying to control these situations.

3. Why are we dealing with life conservation if everything is so dandy?

More than 50 countries pledge to protect life on Earth.

"UN plan would protect 30% of oceans and land to stem extinctions. Nearly a third of the world's oceans and land should be protected by 2030 to stem extinctions and ensure humanity lives in harmony with nature."

If animals are not really going extinct, why do we even bother?

4. Why make money more money on gas and oil when you can make less money with green tech?

I can't answer this question.

Here's another clip of Rogan fighting Candice Ownes on climate change. He's strongly supporting "climate alarmists" in this one.

The climate point here

Maybe a handful of YouTubers have figured it out. Maybe the United Nations, American Institutions, European Union, China, Russia, Canada, and Switzerland are all lying to you about Climate Change, hindering their economies for some unbeknown reason.

Hundreds of thousands of government officials and volunteers are somehow unanimously lying to America. More than 97% of active climate scientists agree that man-influenced climate change is devastating for our planet.

NASA is educating people on climate change. People that are supposed to fly us to space are investing their time informing Americans on extreme weather events.

Are all these institutions stupid?

Are you worried about climate change?

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