Did Dr. Gupta Own Joe Rogan on his Podcast?

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Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a chief medical advisor for CNN, exchanged jabs for 3 hours with the most famous podcaster this week.

Fox News calls it a disastrous spinning of journalistic malpractice. CNN boasts about owning Joe Rogan on his own podcast. If the movie Rocky was made for 2021, this would be the final standoff. But who's the Rocky in this fight, and who's Siberian Bull, Ivan Drago?

Both sides claim victory. CNN framed bits that paint Dr. Gupta in good light. Fox News has done the same for Joe Rogan. Meanwhile, Joe Rogan himself has published the entire interview on Spotify.

So, it's on you to decide who's your guy in this fight.

Glenn Greenwald, a Substack journalist, sided with Joe Rogan. He fired newsletters criticizing CNN as an institution.

"Yes, he told the truth when confronted by Rogan -- and then CNN forced him to backtrack, and he did it like the cowardly corporate careerist worm that he is," Greenwald wrote.

On the other side, CNN's Jon Lemon supported his colleague.

"He did say something about Ivermectin that I think wasn't correct about CNN and lying," Lemon began. "Ivermectin is a drug that is commonly used as a horse dewormer. So it is not a lie to say that the drug is used as a horse dewormer. I think that's important- and it's not approved for COVID, correct?"

Dr. Sanjay Gupta confirmed Jon Lemon's words.

FDA has put a tweet urging people to stop taking Ivermectin, saying, "You're not a horse..."

This is where it gets tricky.

The interview is 3hr long, and you can frame a lot of scenes to support any kind of argument.

If you listen to a framed version of Joe berating Dr. Gupta about CNN's horse dewormer narrative, saying he got it from a doctor, you might think that Dr. Gupta supports Rogan's argument.

If you continue watching, you might hear that Joe actually got the meds from his "friend Megan."

If you continue watching longer, you might get a third opinion.

Instead of borrowing framed opinions from Fox News or CNN, listen to the podcast yourself.

Keep in mind that the COVID-19 pandemic is something humanity is dealing with for the first. Some information may change over time. It doesn't mean that the medical community has been lying to you. If you get a 3-camera iPhone this year, it doesn't mean that single-camera iPhone 3 was a lie.

This is progress. Vaccines saved countless millions of lives in the past few decades.

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Disclaimer: This is not medical advice! Please don't take it as such. Consult your doctor if you have any concerning symptoms.

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