Days of Oil are Numbered: Wind is Now Cheaper than Fossil Fuels

Toni Koraza
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Fossil fuel supporters loved to argue how renewable energy is expensive and unreliable.

Some Texas Republicans say wind turbines are nothing more than expensive bird toilets. Others even went as far as to blame the lack of power security in the Lone Star state on renewables. Meanwhile, Permian Basin in West Texas is facing a devastating crisis.

The forces trying to sell you more oil and plastic are losing ground lately. While major corporations have enough money to keep a handful of politicians in their pockets, the economy is shifting under their feet. Luckily, oil and gas are not as powerful to hijack the whole American economy anymore.

Renewable energy has become green in every sense of the word.

  • Cheaper to produce
  • Less toxic to distribute
  • Attractive for investors

Renewable resources are now more than ethical. They're also economical. Natural ecosystems don't have to die under fracking and mining operations. We can produce energy in other ways.

New solar parks and wind farms are competitive with existing coal and gas plants, according to BloomberNEF. Solar farms and wind turbines are also helping stabilize the energy prices throughout Ameri "a.

"The rise in commodity prices has not resulted in an increase in our global Levelized cost of energy benchmarks for solar and wind just "et," shared Seb Henbest from BloomberNEF.

Technology takes time to grow. We might soon live in a world that's not dependant on fossil fuels as it once was. Renewable resources contribute to almost 30% of the global electricity market.

Among renewables, Solar sources now produce the cheapest electricity in history.

Renewable energy is the future.

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