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Do You Want Ron DeSantis to Run for President in 2024?

Toni Koraza
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While Florida Governor openly denies his presidential ticket, Fox News reports that Ron DeSantis is "leading the way" in Republican Primaries.

If Trump doesn't run in the upcoming elections, Ron DeSantis could become the GOP savior. Florida Governor is one of the most popular Republican names next to Texas Governor Gregg Abbot. Just like Abbot, DeSantis is waging war on masks, abortion, and immigration.

These seem to be three central questions for Republicans before the primaries. Otherwise, we wouldn't have the pleasure to watch these political acrobatics on live television. Florida lawmakers are steering controversy left and right.
The result?
All eyes are on Ron DeSantis for the Republican primary. He's leaping ahead in GOP polls. If you add some Biden-bashing into the mix, you've got a perfect contestant for the 2024 Presidental race.

Ron DeSantis denies all this. But he's not behaving like someone who wants to stay out of the Republican primary. So if life gives you lemons, run for president. No other way around it.

Republican Primary 2024

"All the speculation about [my presidential run] is purely manufactured. I work hard. Obviously, our state has a lead on many things... Other states are copying us. But that's what it's all really about, helping folks. I hear all this stuff, and honestly, it's nonsense," commented Florida Governor.

However, despite saying the word "honestly, DeSantis has arrived in Nebraska to join other GOP heavyweights. His message is clearly aimed at Biden, not at Florida or his other opponents in the Sunshine state.

"My message from Florida is this: When Joe Biden violates the Constitution when Joe Biden attacks the jobs of Floridians and Americans when Joe Biden targets the livelihood of Florida families and American families, I am fighting back against him," DeSantis said to cheers at GOP Gov. Pete Ricketts of Nebraska’s fifth annual Steak Fry.

DeSantis has traded more verbal fire with Biden than anyone else over the past ten months. In almost every situation, he's the one provoking the conflict.

Meanwhile, Biden plays it cool with "governor who" comebacks. Some Republicans are trying to use this language to paint Biden as a senile old man. However, the strategy seems to be backfiring as Biden's support stays strong across the United States. DeSantis’ approval rating is on a downward spiral, falling by 14 percentage points since the start of July.

Ron DeSantis is escalating the conflict nonetheless. So, why is DeSantis preoccupied with Biden while Florida faces its grimmest COVID-19 days since the beginning of the pandemic?

We can say only one thing for sure, Ron DeSantis looks more like a GOP candidate than President Trump or anyone else eyeing the 2024 ballot.

For someone who's downplaying his presidential bid, DeSantis is an active critic of America's foreign policy. DeSantis is clearly annoyed with the Democrats in charge.

Here's the additional rundown.

  • Florida Governor has been in the national spotlight ever since President Trump stepped down.
  • He's appealing to its most extreme voting base, mirroring harsh abortion reforms and launching a War on Masks.
  • DeSantis is constantly raging fire on Biden's policy.
  • Most people know of DeSantis only because of his Covid-19 management and provocative comments.

Whatever happens, one thing is certain. We're going to see more of Ron DeSantis at the top GOP in the upcoming years.

How do you feel about Ron DeSantis? Do you want to see him in the White House, running one of the most important political functions in America and the world?

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