Should Joe Biden Resign? 53% of Floridians say YES

Toni Koraza
The White House

Joe Biden's approval has dwindled since the American troops retreated from Afghanistan. Taliban Crisis is the first major emergency that's people associate exclusively with Joe Biden.

However, politically savvy presidents usually follow a decision calendar.

The first two years are blocked for unpopular decisions

If an American president is planning to risk his reputation, the first two years of his mandates are the peak time to do so. The first year is probably the best for all sorts of military retreats, tax hikes, stimulus bills, healthcare reforms.

Obama sent more troops to Afghanistan, while Biden pulled the plug.

For almost 20 years, politicians had to know that War in Afghanistan would not bode well with their approval ratings. Even Donald Trump planned to finish it off in his first year of the second term, which he still claims was stolen from him.

Once a president does all the dirty work in his first two years, he can join back into the popularity contest. This strategy works more or less. Most presidents get their second term, and only a handful face greater global problems that rock their campaign.

So, Joe Biden is probably airing American dirty laundry right now, thinking that nobody would remember this moment when the next elections roll in.

For every student of political marketing, this is a clear case. However, you can't ever be too sure with these estimates. Even a whole heap of evidence doesn't prove much in higher politics. Evidence-schmevidane.

If you're wondering where Biden's approval rating is right now, I bet you know the answer. It's bad. Actually, it's rock bottom bad.

And possibly it's all by design.

The majority of Floridians disapprove of Joe Biden

Joe Biden is not a positive cat in Florida. The majority of registered Florida voters don't like his politics, 53% of registered voters to be precise. On the other side, only 40% of Florida voters approve of Biden's politics, according to a Quinnipiac University poll.

Biden's approval is tanking across other Swing states. The only country worse for Biden than Florida is only Texas, which adamantly disapproves of the sitting president, where 59% of polled voters disagree with his policies.

The rating between approval and disapproval is painting a wide gap for the sitting president.

Should Biden be worried?

Well, he's only 7 months into his presidency.

If he's ever going to be unpopular, now is the time.

Biden v. DeSantis 2024

While DeSantis calls the talk of his presidential run "nonsense," many are not convinced he plans to stay away from the 2024 elections. “All the speculation about me is purely manufactured...I just do my job, and we work hard...”

However, the fan-named "mini-Trump" is no stranger to playing cloak and daggers in the political arena. Fair enough, the political battleground is everything but honest. Ron DeSantis offers a more effective style of Trumpism, according to The Economist. Everything is on the table for the Florida Governor.

Politically savvy Joe Biden knows that he can't just rely on his opponent's promises. So he's firing at DeSantis in all matters of public life, policy, leadership, and everything that could catapult DeSantis to the forefront of American lives.

Biden even went as far as threatening DeSantis with the use of Presidental power to overrule their authority, according to Fox News.

"And to make matters worse, there are elected officials actively working to undermine the fight against COVID-19," Joe Biden said during his speech at the White House. "Instead of encouraging people to get vaccinated and mask up, they’re ordering mobile morgues for the unvaccinated dying from COVID in their communities."

"Right now, local school officials are trying to keep children safe in a pandemic while their governor picks a fight with them and even threatens their salaries or their jobs. Talk about bullying in schools,"

Joe Biden did not hold back against DeSantis and other Republican governors.

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