Gov. Ron DeSantis is Florida's Cure for Trump Hangover

Toni Koraza
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Ron DeSantis is splitting the Republican party down the middle.

Floridians love their governor. He's similar to Trump, only without the outrage. Ron DeSantis fights the same fights but with less drama. He's also leaping ahead of Trump for Presidental Elections in 2024.

Is the next Republican Party Leader Coming from Florida? Polls say it's not out of the picture.

“You should have seen the response for Ron DeSantis. He was like the conquering king… I haven’t seen anything like it since Regan in the 80s,” said a source close to MSNBC. Ron DeSantis is now officially the talk of the party. His support is overreaching Trump’s, according to a series of polls. In fact, Ron DeSantis may actually become the Republican nominee in the 2024 Presidental Elections. In one instance, attendees at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver gave DeSantis a substantial lead over Trump.

But Trump is not going away without a fight. He’s a leading favorite, according to another series of polls. Even if the polls lie, and we can’t say for sure who’s going to get the nomination, one thing is certain. Ron DeSantis is the conquering king of the Republican party. His governance in Florida has put him on the map, and he’s providing for his people. This is something Trump couldn’t do himself.

DeSantis is Trump without the glitter. He was on team Trump since day one. You can see videos on YouTube where Ron DeSantis teaches his kids about Trump’s campaigns. Unlike Trump, Ron DeSantis is winning.

The former president has lost the White House, Congress, and the trust of the American People. Some might argue that he never had the nation's full confidence because he failed to win the popular vote, twice.

Why are people cheering for the losers?

The truth about Trumpism

Trump was a way to stick it to the Democrats. The self-gratifying manchild has caused nothing other than disgrace for the United States, both at home and worldwide. Then he tried to blame it on his subordinates, opponents, and everyone in purview. Then he tried to stage an insurrection.

The former president was a joke that went too far.

Trump was not up to the job. The man who we couldn’t stop hearing about for four years is now complaining about censorship. I get it. Yeah, the idea of big tech policing the freedom of speech is scary. But how can we get rid of bullies? The guy would not stop hijacking our attention 24//7 with ridiculous outbursts on live TV.

Democrats were somehow even less likable.

But we all knew. We all knew that Trump is competent for such a responsibility. Presidency requires sacrifices which are not common among the Trump Dynasty. If he took America to a Nuclear War with an ally country, you would find him playing golf in Mar-a-Lago the next day. Do you know who pays for those trips? And it's not just the president. It's his whole staff, secret service, local police, and everyone in the vicinity. You're paid for it all.

But Floridians can't keep on sticking it to the Democrats for the spite of it.

The party has to stop at one point, and we all have to get some sleep. We can’t feed on overwhelming outrage 24/7. We need a break.

Gov. Ron DeSantis is everything Republicans love about Trump but without any of the liabilities.

Republicans are leaving the party en mass

Over 36,000 Florida Republicans left the party in the wake of the last Presidental elections. The trend continued in 2021. Another 6,270 Republicans signed off in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach by the end of January. February followed suit with another 2,622 Republicans leaving the party in the above three counties. The rate is almost 500% higher than among Democrats in Florida.

Republican Party is waking up with a Trump hangover.

Gov. Ron DeSantis is the Aspirin many need to get through the day.

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