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Experts Warn of The Deadliest Animals in South Florida

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Miami is known for its sunny skies, palm trees, and beaches. It’s the top destination for the elite, retirees, and students on spring break.

Florida has a fabulous year-round climate that invites visitors to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather. Florida also offers plenty of opportunities to explore the state’s natural diversity with abundant water and wildlife habitats.

South Florida is home to some of the deadliest predators, which can be found both on land and in water. We will look at 11 different deadly creatures from alligators, sharks, snakes, and poisonous spiders.

Before we continue, I have to say this. Most of these animals are not dangerous. They want to be left alone, and they wouldn’t hurt humans unless they feel threatened. When you respect them, they mostly stay away and don’t attack. With that said, accidents happen all the time, sadly.

1. Brown recluse spider

The Florida brown recluse spider is a type of arachnid. They are also known as the violin or fiddle-back spider because they have markings on their backs that resemble those found on violins and other stringed instruments. The Florida Brown Recluse has six eyes in three pairs which may be distinguished by.

Their bite is usually not fatal, but Brown recluse does have a painful bite that causes necrosis and possible tissue death. Florida brown recluse spiders live in Florida’s woodlands, swamps, abandoned animal burrows, and piles of lumber or firewood. They are most often found inside garages where it is dark and dry with clutter.

2. Southern black widow

The Southern Black Widow is a small black spider with an orange, hourglass-shaped marking on the underside of its abdomen. The female will grow to about one inch in size and can be identified by her shiny jet-black body with distinctive red or white markings on the top of her head.

The Florida Southern Black Widow’s venom is 15 times stronger than a rattlesnake. It’s one of the deadliest animals in the world. A bite can cause muscle spasms, cramps, and vomiting, which may lead to death in extreme cases.

3. Florida black bear

Florida Black Bears are one of the most dangerous animals in Florida. They live mainly in forested areas, and they have brown or black fur, as the name suggests.

Florida Black Bears have been known to hunt and kill humans. Florida Black Bears are also known to attack humans as they try and protect their cubs. Florida Black Bear attacks can be fatal because for people who come near their young ones, even if it is just for a short period of time.

These bears are endangered species.

4. The great white shark

The Great White Shark is the most feared of all sharks and lives off Florida’s coastline. These creatures can grow up to 20-feet long (and some maybe even longer) with large teeth used for feeding on smaller marine creatures (mostly). This makes it one of Miami’s deadliest animals.

The Great White Shark is responsible for more human fatalities than any other shark.

If a Great White attacks you, try to kick it in the eyes and avoid the nose,” says David Shiffman, a student from the University of Miami’s Abess Center for Ecosystem Science and Policy.

5. Bull sharks

The Florida Bull Shark is considered one of the most dangerous sharks because it can swim in both saltwater and freshwater. This shark has been known to be aggressive and has attacked people unprovoked. The Florida Bull Sharks live close by Miami, so you should always take caution when swimming near the Florida Keys or other areas with high shark risk.

6. Coral snakes

Coral snakes are Florida’s poisonous snakes. They have a neurotoxic (damages the nervous system) venom that can cause death with just one bite. In addition, the coral snake has red bands alternating with yellow and black. This predator has injected its victims with one of the most lethal positions out there, but its delivery is not extremely effective. Nevertheless, if you see a coral snake, stay away.

7. Cottonmouth snakes

Florida Cottonmouth snakes are also known as water moccasins, and they can grow up to six feet long. They thrive in the Florida wetlands.

How deadly is a Cottonmouth snake?

This snake can be deadly for small animals and humans. Florida Cottonmouth snakes will, however, bite if they feel that their territory is being invaded or disturbed. They are often found near water sources such as creeks and ponds where fish live.

8. Wild Boars

Florida Wild Boars are a non-native species that have been introduced to Florida. Spanish conquest brought domesticated pigs that assumingly escaped the captivity and continued living in nature.

They are not the deadliest animal in Florida, but they’re considered dangerous because of their aggressive behavior and destructive capabilities. A boar can destroy crops by trampling through fields or uprooting plants with its tusks.

9. Florida Panthers

Florida Panthers are beautiful wildlife animals. They live on the ground or in trees and wait for their prey to come close enough before pouncing, but they also hunt by stealth if necessary.

If you come across a Florida Panther while hiking, be sure not to let your guard down, as Florida Panthers can travel quickly and silently through trees or dense vegetation.

Don’t engage.

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