Billionaire Bunker: The Most Exclusive Island in Florida

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Indian Creek is a tiny island in the Biscayne Park just left of Surfside and south of Bay Harbor Island.

Indian Creek is not your everyday place. Most often called Billionaire Bunker, it’s home to some of the wealthiest and most powerful families on the planet.

Both words Billionaire and Bunker, fit the island well. First, the total net worth of its 82 residents is counted in tens of billions. Second, 13 private police officers guard the island 24/7. Uninvited guests can’t simply wander inside Indian Creek and stroll down the beach. Billionaire Bunker is officially a village with 41 residential homes or better-called mansions.

The island doesn’t have poor residents, nor can you see civilians walking down the street. Police patrols Indian Creek from water and land, erecting checkpoints at points of entry. Island only has one street, Indian Creek Island Road, and it circles to every residence. The drive around the island wouldn’t take more than 20 minutes if the guards ever let you inside.

Many believe the island is uneventful, bland, and how one Insider’s reporter puts it: “I found it to be a bit of a deserted island.”

Not much happens outside these luxurious homes except maybe Indian Creek Country Club, an ultra-private 18-hole golf course that lies in the heart of the island. William S Flynn designed the course in 1928, and since then, it has been the star example of exclusivity and luxury. Golfers would need an invite and approval to hit any of the 18 holes on this stunning golf course.

Historically outlawed and de-facto segregated today, not a single black resident ever lived in Billionaires Bunker. Celebrity couple Beyonce and Jay-z allegedly owned a property on the island, but that could be just a rumor.

The US census reveals 0% Black or African-American residents on Indian Creek.

Native Indians and Pacific Islanders are also among the people who never got to buy a property on the island. As you can imagine, Billionaire Bunker is part of that MAGA country, with most of its residents voting for Donald Trump and creating a GOP fort.

Julio Inglesias is probably the island’s most famous resident, owning at least four parcels and a house. Bizarrely enough, Mr. Inglesias is openly not a fan of Donald Trump even though he sold one of his estates to Ivanka and Kushner Trump for $32 million in 2019.

Indian Creek truthfully carries the nickname Billionaire Bunker for its extreme wealth and fortification, but only 5 residents are actual billionaires.

  1. Investor Carl Icahn (16.3 billion USD)
  2. Property developer Jeffery Soffer (1 billion USD)
  3. Sears CEO Edward Lampert (1.8 billion USD)
  4. Former Philadelphia Eagles owner Norman Braman (2.8 billion USD)
  5. Billionaire Businessmen Charles Bartlett Johnson (5.6 billion USD)

Carl Ichan is undoubtfully the wealthiest resident. The famous investor, together with these four men, makes for 6% of all residents on Billionaire Bunker. The other 94% are mostly millionaires or cent millionaires from the world of fashion, entertainment, and business. The list of the island’s affluent residents, both past and present, is staggering non the less.

  • Spanish megastar Julio Iglesias
  • Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias
  • Supermodel Adriana Lima
  • Football quarterback Tom Brady
  • Heir Jared Kushner
  • Heiress Ivanka Trump
  • Co-founder of Rober Deiner
  • Golfer Raymond Floyd
  • Basketball Coach Rick Pitino
  • U.S. Senator George Smathers
  • Sheik Mohammed al Fassi
  • TV host Don Francisco
  • Calvin Klein’s co-founder Barry Schwartz
  • Professional bicyclist Raúl Alarcón
  • Heiress Suzie Linden
  • American newspaper publisher Gardner Cowles Jr.
  • President of Appleton Electric Company Arthur I. Appleton
  • Former Hollywood actress Martha O’Driscoll a former Hollywood actress
  • Former Miami Dolphins head coach Don Shula

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