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7 Best Picnic Spots in Los Angeles in 2021

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Los Angeles is one of the most beautiful places in the world. From hiking trails to beaches, there’s no shortage of things to do and see. The weather in Los Angeles is always beautiful, which makes it the perfect place for a picnic! The city has many amazing parks and greenways that are perfect for an outdoor lunch with friends or family.

Covid restrictions and lockdowns have disrupted the outdoor activities, to put it mildly. However, you don’t have to stay at home. Let’s get creative. Take your partner or a crush on a picnic date, and enjoy a fresh breeze and quality time.

Top 7 Picnic Parks in Los Angeles for 2021

  1. Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area
  2. Los Angeles State Historic Park
  3. Griffith Park
  4. Lake Hollywood Park
  5. Grand Park
  6. Barnsdall Art Park
  7. Exposition Park

1. Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area

Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area is a great park to have a picnic because it’s a huge place to roam. You can bike, walk or jog around the trails and enjoy some of LA’s best views. It’s located at 4800 S La Cienega Boulevard.

2. Los Angeles State Historic Park

Los Angeles State Historic Park is a great picnic site. It’s located at 245 N and offers plenty of space to enjoy nature with beautiful weather. It’s said that you can feel the energy of LA history here.

3. Griffith Park

Griffith Park is a beautiful park with sprawling lawns, hills, and plenty of room for any kind of outdoor activity. Griffith is perfect for picnics. Griffith Park also has museums, concert venues, and even a zoo. The best time to visit is Spring and Fall when it’s sunny but not too hot. The park is located in central Hollywood, and it’s one of the greatest landmarks in Los Angeles.

4. Lake Hollywood Park

Lake Hollywood Park is one of the best picnic parks in Los Angeles. If you’ve already explored Griffith Park, then Lake Hollywood is the obvious place next door. The park has a gorgeous view of the Hollywood sign, and you can also enjoy fishing or birdwatching. The best time to visit is April-October when it’s not too hot but still sunny enough for sitting outside on lawn chairs at all times in any weather conditions! Lake Hollywood features many benches on its wide perimeter so that visitors have plenty of options to say away from others and enjoy privacy.

5. Grand Park 

Grand Park is a great place to gather with friends and family and enjoy your picnic. The park includes a lot of features and facilities for visitors. There are lawns, café tables with umbrellas to offer shade or sun as needed! Grand Park also has an interactive water feature that kids love during hot summer days. It’s located in LA’s downtown and offers a quick city break for everyone nearby.

6. Barnsdall Art Park

Barnsdall Art Park is another perfect gateway in Hollywood. It offers a variety of features and areas for visitors. The park has an arts center with exhibitions and outdoor live performances. Gardens offer beautiful scenery to enjoy on your picnic.

7. Exposition Park

Exposition Park is a place to take spend the day. It has a large variety of features and attractions to enjoy. There are gardens and green spaces for picnics and beautiful scenery to enjoy. The park offers so many different events and hosts festivals regularly throughout each season, except this one. However, visiting the park and chilling with your cooler box, a picnic blanket, and friends is all you need to have fun.

Picnic is fantastic for more than one reason

  • Cheap way to have fun with friends and family
  • Break free of social media for the entire afternoon
  • Relax in tough times and enjoy your day

Word of caution

The coronavirus pandemic is still disrupting outdoor activities. Locations in California may have COVID-19 restrictions in place. Research your destination’s policies before going there to avoid any potential difficulties. Stay safe and follow the guidelines.

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