The Environment Matters If You Want to Become Succesfull

Toni Koraza is a strange sport.
We’re most prolific when we’re comfortable. The mental state opens a door to the mythical state of flow. And then you’re transformed into another dimension. You can quickly churn out whole chapters there. But disrupt that state and you’ll find yourself editing a listicle about quotes for 6 hours.

Writing space matters. Magic happens when you feel at ease, and when the whole world doesn’t stand a chance of interrupting. I can’t instantly relax in new rooms, offices, or coffee shops. I need time to adjust. Time to absorb the space. I need to figure out how to get my coffee, water, and snacks. Otherwise, I’m losing too much energy and time trying to find stuff.

Interruption is the biggest killer of creativity. And the worst disruption is when you interrupt yourself. In new places, I find myself walking around, trying to figure out the glass cabinet from the snack bar. Where is the coffee? Can I use this mug, huh? You made lunch, oh? It takes time to adjust, especially if you have roommates or family members around. By the time you’re ready to focus, the frustration of falling behind creeps up and hinders what’s left your effectiveness.

If you’ve read any of my previous articles, you might find out that I’m regularly writing on the road. I’ve changed five countries since the coronavirus crisis started. And somehow I ended up back home — in Croatia. I guess you always return home when the world starts falling apart.

I’ve implemented writing routines for my schedule, and they help. The Productivity Triangle is the lifeline to my writing. A Singular focus, Parkinson’s law, and Pareto’s principle are the reason why I still publish every day, work with my clients, and write fiction.

My writing output takes a significant dive when I move. Five hours in the right space is not the same as five hours in a new one. The words don’t flow the same way. I find myself plucking words with rusty tweezers from the wrong side of the brain. The process is not fun anymore.

I need two weeks to absorb the space. These two weeks are what make the difference between writing 1000 words and 5000 words a day. The difference between curated posts, and garbage. The difference between balls-to-the-wall fiction and gibberish.

I’ve got used to Oxford, and I managed to churn out an 80 000 word dystopian thriller, write children's short stories and publish daily on Medium. Curators have noticed my work. I’ve earned top writer status in Art and Entrepreneurship, and my Medium path became wholesome. Then I had to move. And I’m catching up on my work again.

The advice I can share for travelers and people who are constantly on the road is simple. Don’t despair. You need to catch up with the environment. The space around you plays a crucial role in your creativity, motivation, and effectiveness. Don't overlook the power of things around you. Change what you can, and make the best out of your efforts.

Shut the world out. Get enough coffee, water, and snacks to last you the whole writing season and slam the doors behind you.

Writing alone would be best, but if you can’t afford that, or you enjoy coffee shops, then use your headphones. Blast the music. The idea is to shut the world out. This time is for you. Write. Create. Produce. Share.

Share your message with the world through your writing.

Because you can.

And because you want to.

And because you desperately need to get that out.


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