Why Masks Won’t Go Away — Despite Abbot's Media Stunts

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Lifting restrictions on certain businesses would make it seem like the governor cares about the economy and the people. But lifting a ban on wearing masks is just a cheap political ploy to distract people from Texas's disastrous energy management.

The Texas higher-ups are willing to sacrifice their constituents to distract them from a glaring issue in the Lone Star State — complacent government. Greg Abbot, Ted Cruz, and even Tim Boyd are fighting hard to become the next big media personalities. If Donald Trump can do it, everybody can? Right?

Ted Cruz went on a Cancun trip amid the worst natural disaster in the last 100 years that hit Texas. He flew on Wednesday while 8,000 people struggled with no electricity and running water.

I understand that frozen margaritas are a better deal than frozen Dallas. But common, if Ted Cruz doesn’t see anything wrong with his actions, maybe, he’s not fit for office. Just saying. Texas could use an adult in the government.

Imagine if a police officer decided to go on a vacation in the middle of a deadly shootout on your front lawn.

“Bye fellas, I have to get my daughters to Italy. I hear it’s beautiful this time of a year. Hey, if you get shot. Remember to man up and grow a pair. Nobody likes crybabies.”

Mother and father lost an 11-year old in harsh winter last February, just around the time senator decided to grab a few poolside drinks (wearing a mask, but whatever). Ted Cruz tried to pass it as a joke during the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) last week.

“I’ve got to say, Orlando is awesome. It’s not as nice as Cancun. But it’s nice.”

Yes, he went there.

How can this man run a baby stroller, let alone one of the US government's most powerful institutions, is beyond me? But Ok. Here’s my point.

Texan government is fighting tooth and nail to transcend political life and become media personality — social media influencers.

Kim Kardashian filed for divorce sometime last week. Arguably, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were the most popular and controversial couple on the planet. The duo feasted on media attention — and was paid accordingly.

Kim Kardashian was the queen of social media.

Now, Ted Cruz, Abbot, and Donald Trump are spearheading the new age influencers. If you thought that your teen’s TikTok glory is silly, what do you have to say about Donald Trump’s Twitter Feed from last year? Or Ted Cruzes CPAC stand-up comedy special. Or the latest end of the mask mandate?

Masks have been around for centuries. People in America (and around the world) cover their faces every day during commutes, workouts, travel, and most activities that include other random people.

Do you really want to sit on a plane with 500 people sneezing and spitting everywhere? I don’t, especially not during the pandemic.

Think about it. If you wear a mask to the shop for roughly 7–11 minutes a day, you could save a life. Maybe even your life. Isn’t that a good bargain?

If you don’t believe in masks, please coup one in your hand and let tap water run over it. If it doesn’t leak, there’s your answer. Masks work. People have been using masks for centuries because they save lives.

Republican masterminds are thirsty for your attention to make money and increase influence. If Republicans make you angry at Democrats and distract voters from pressing issues, they get cookie points, good lobby deals, awesome vacations, and possibly re-election. The best can stay in Mar-a-Lago on taxpayers’ dime.

So, why do people trust politicians who profit from outrage?

The more controversial Abbot gets, the more attention is on the controversy. And the more attention is on the controversy, the less attention is on the economy, laws, political turmoil, human suffering, and real plan to save the people.

If Abbot flies to Mexica tomorrow and shares a few selfies from a sandy beach in Cancun, he could kickstart his presidential campaign. Seriously, he’ll become a media rockstar.

He doesn’t even have to wait until 2024 to claim the president-elect chair.

In the meantime, people will still wear masks.

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