What Happens When a Man Forgets Snacks for His Pregnant Wife — Not What You’d Expect

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Reddit is the talk of the town lately. 

Investment tips, mental health, support groups, political discussion, you name it, it’s all on Reddit. If you’re new to Reddit, then you’ve probably never heard about Am I the Asshole (AITA). Tens of thousands of social enthusiasts visit this subreddit every day to discuss who’s the asshole in a particular situation. Some people will make your head spin. Others will make your eyes roll uncontrollably, but most will make you feel better about yourself. 

Recently, Reddit has witnessed what happens to a husband who forgets to buy snacks for his pregnant lady. Here’s the story:

Before I get called entitled I’m (f23) currently 5 months pregnant so my cravings are pretty important to me.
My husband (m24) goes out every few days to visit his family and his brother, I don’t mind since I like my own company and just watch movies on Netflix or clean the house in peace. One thing I do require though is that he gets me certain snacks.
Today I was craving a vanilla cake; you can get this small yummy ones for like £2, these particular sweets and crisps.
He came back home with only the sweets which got me so sad and angry, I never used to be like this but let me tell you that cravings during pregnancy mean EVERYTHING.
I gave him the cold shoulder and told him how disappointed I was, he does this a lot where he forgets things or brings me something I don’t want.
I’m case you’re wondering if all this snacking is making me gain weight, I’ve only gained 1kg so far because I lost weight in my 1st trimester.
I feel bad now for acting up but in the moment I’m just so mad and I can’t help but tell him how mad I am.
Edit: as someone else pointed out, I’m making a baby from scratch and will have to push it out eventually, my body will change and then I have to have sleepless nights breastfeeding, so I think I deserve my damn snacks.
AITA for acting like that?

The lady, in this case, makes a compelling case. She is certainly making a baby from scratch, and no man can ever relate to such an experience. Women can produce little humans, and they deserve a snack, and much more in the process. 

However, is the cold shoulder really an answer? The guy was trying to make her happy. He came back with different sweets, but sweets regardless. Most guys would probably forget the whole thing, not just the brand name.

If she asked him to go back and get the vanilla cake? Would he do it. We don’t know that, but judging from the story, the situation may be just exploded from 0 to 60 as soon as he walked through the door. Even if she is under immense pressure, was it warranted to acting up over a vanilla cake? Many Redditors don’t think so. Most think the author in question was a real as*hole. Here’s one of the comments:

I will never understand this new concept that pregnant women are supposed to be placed on a throne and treated like delicate petals that cant be told “no” or experience stress in anyway.
You need to slow your roll. You are pregnant. Not crippled. You want your “sweets” so badly, pick yourself up off your behind and go get them yourself. Neither you, nor your baby, will die if you dont get cake AND candy AND fried snacks in one sitting,
Mother of 2, here.”

Where do you stand on this question?

Disclaimer: The author removed the story since it was first published. But this article preserves and shares it in its originality, without referencing the author.

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