Why is Ted Cruz Blaming his Daughters for the Cancun Trip

Toni Koraza

If Texas is not good for Senator’s kids, who is it good for?


When Fox News and CNN agree you‘ve messed up, then you really are in deep trouble.

Fox and CNN could barely agree on the time of the day while looking at the same clock. However, no media outlet defends Ted Cruz this week. The Texan Senator flew to Cancun on Wednesday amid one of the worst weather conditions that left more than 4 million Texans without electricity and 7 million under boil water advisory.

The extreme weather compromised almost every power supply system, including gas, electricity, and nuclear reactors. Many waited in lines to get food and water. Some burned furniture to keep warm. And one worried father took his frustrations to Twitter.

“I’m in Houston, Texas, freezing to death,” Chris Prince shared on Twitter. “No power, no heat, no water. I have four young children. How is this happening right now?”

On the same day, Sen. Ted Cruz somehow thought that going on a vacation was a good idea. He said that Texans were rightfully frustrated with the lack of basic necessities, like water and electricity, becuase “Texas is the energy capital of the world.” Then he packed his bags and flew for a round of poolside Margaritas to Mexico, a place he wouldn’t even welcome immigrants from.

“Hope you are enjoying Cancun while I melt snow to flush my toilets. One more day without water and ill be melting it for drinking,” shared @BioFITZ123


At the same time, Gov. Abbott passed the blame on Democrats, Green New Deal, and President Biden while adding that he couldn’t tell when Texans would have their electricity back. And Tim Boyd, a now ex-major of Colorado City, told his residents to “fend for themselves.”

Ted Cruz publically urged President Biden to declare a state of emergency, which President Biden did. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) supplied the state with 60 generators, 729,000 liters of water, 10,000 wool blankets, 50,000 cotton blankets, and 225,000 meals.

Texas is still under a grave state of emergency, with almost 200,000 people without any power and millions seeking the Republican representatives to resign.

Ted Cruz is stepping over his daughters to get out of political quicksand.

Ted Cruz is the darling senator of Texas, who’s serving his people since 2013. He also ran against Donald Trump in 2016 and absorbed a fair share of insults about his wife, Heidi Cruz. I’m trying to like Ted Cruz, I seriously do, but the guy is not making it easy.

Texan senator originally planned to stay in Cancun over the weekend. If we take the timeline from Wednesday to Monday, that’s almost five full days, making for a regular American vacation. We don’t have to remind you that we’re still in the middle of the pandemic, and most American families can’t afford to travel, even in the best possible weather.

Ted Cruz is also known for publically mocking California’s power outages and blaming the Democratic government for failing to provide “the basic functions of civilization, like having reliable electricity.”


Finally, Ted Cruz blamed it all on his daughters and his strong family values.

“We had no heat and no power, and yesterday my daughters asked if they could take a trip with some friends, and Heidi and I agreed, so I flew down with them last night and dropped them off here, and now I’m headed back to Texas and back continuing to work to get the power back on,” Cruz told reporters Thursday.

“I understand why people are upset,” Cruz also added. “Leaving when so many Texans were hurting didn’t feel right, and so I changed my return flight and flew back on the first available flight.”

If it didn’t feel right? Why did Ted Cruz book a vacation to Cancun? Even more so, if Texas is not good for Senator’s family, who is it good for?

For reference, here’s a photo of Cancun. (Photo by Meg Jerrard on Unsplash)


And here is a photo of Texas on Wednesday. (Credit: Twitter/Beth Allison Barr)

Using your daughters and Conservative values to get out of political trouble is no Bueno, Mr. Senator.

Cover Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore.

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