The 3 Most Important Things You Ought to Know About Themselves

Toni Koraza

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You know yourself when you know your survivability, kindness, and happiness.

I’d been homeless in a foreign country, volunteered with Roma people in Bosnia, and police held me at the Mexican border, shouting at me to pay them $500 to enter the US with a valid visa. Conversely, I have a Masters Degree from a private university, I’ve worked with American political parties, and I run a creative micro-agency in London.

Some may say this is a diverse portfolio of experience for a 28-year-old.

I’ve learned that knowing three things will help you make better decisions.

How long can you survive with what you’ve got?

Would the money in your account last the next 6 months? If not, find a way to save more. What’s your net worth? Can you survive a personal disaster? What’s your plan B and C? Your survivability rate tells you where you stand in life and either boost your confidence or makes you fix things that aren’t working.

How kind are you when no one is watching?

Would you take the time of your day to study a social issue, or would your just virtue-signal that you’re not racist, bigot, or sexist? Investing time and effort to understand the social mechanisms can be daunting and painful. Ask yourself a Benjamin Franklin question, “what good shall I do today?”

Chase-Meng Tan has a neat trick to jumpstart your altruism. Wish happiness and success to people you dislike every day and don’t say a word to anyone.

What have you done for your happiness lately?

Happiness is the meaning of life, according to Greek and Roman philosophers. Is unhappy life worth living? You’re the only one that can answer the question. However, personal happiness is a responsibility of yours to yourself. Be kind to yourself, forgive your past, live your present, make friends, and enjoy your time on Earth.

You capable of great many good and bad things, and that’s all right.

Make friends with your dark side, but feed your virtues. You’re what you do the most in life. Stay kind, equip yourself with survival assets, and pursue happiness.

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