The Little Known Ways for Goal-Setting and Totally Possible Success in Business and Life

Toni Koraza

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What are your scary professional goals?

I’m a solo founder at a creative micro-agency in London.

I want to scale the company to 30 clients, 9 employees, attract 100,000 monthly readers to 2 Minute Madness, and develop our first voice app before the year’s end.

Are these goals viable? Yes, the goals are within our reach.

  • I have 6 happy clients for whom I’d go above and beyond to help their business spread like wildlife. When the client’s business grow, my business grows too.
  • The publication has ~15,000 monthly readers. We’re working with 100+ writers to produce daily 2-minute reads for personal development.
  • The Alexa app is in phase 1. We’re learning and experimenting with voice commands.
  • We’re one founder, one editor, and an army of global contributors. Employing 9 people is a cashflow problem at this point.

We have 11 months until the end of the year.

I smashed my goal list last year. My 2020 started in China and finished in England. I quit my job at National Geographic in Xi’an, moved across a few countries, founded the publication in May from Croatia, and finally registered my company in London in December.

The original goal was to move to London and write full-time, and in many ways, I’ve found more than I hoped for.

The 3 little-known things about professional goals.

  • Aim for life-changing but possible. Most people can move across the continent and start international businesses but never dare to do so (and rightfully so, because it’s scary). But, big goals come with tremendous rewards. Set your aim on to something that you know you can accomplish if you work your butt off.
  • Set up a system that can get you to your goal. Goals are essential, but without a system they mean nothing. Some may tell you how systems are better than goals and vice-versa, but the truth is that you can’t accomplish great things without both. I use a batched schedule and a writing system to work on my goals.
  • Get ready to pivot. Pivot means anchoring one foot and moving the other to change direction. Pivot is not a restart. Embrace the change and slightly adjust your lifestyle to supplement your professional life at every turn. Pivoting has helped me navigate 2020 and make it the most lucrative year of my life.

You can achieve difficult things.

Professional goals can change your life, bring about more accomplishment and help you create a life you always wanted to live.

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