The 15 Hottest Freelance Jobs in 2021

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I’ve earned over $9,000 from Upwork in the past few months.

The stigma around low-paying gigs made me avoid Upwork for years, but then I discovered a thriving freelance community once I joined the platform. Today, I’m glad I’ve taken that leap of faith.

I earned $1,703 in my first month.

The world is rapidly moving to digital space.

Finding a good gig is not impossible If you’re the right freelancer and provide excellent value for your clients. The list of trendiest jobs is somewhat different from a study to study. But you can still get a general picture of how much certain gigs pay.

The 15 most popular jobs for 2021, according to FlexJobs and CNBC.

  1. Systems Engineers: ~$30/hr.
  2. Accountants: ~$25/hr.
  3. Executive and virtual assistants: ~$17.
  4. Project Management: ~$26/hr.
  5. Customer Service: ~$14/hr.
  6. Physical Therapist: ~$39/hr.
  7. Writing & Editing: ~$20/hr.
  8. Curriculum Writer: ~$27/hr,
  9. Online ESL teacher: ~$20/hr.
  10. Social Media Manager: ~$16/hr.
  11. HR & Recruiting: ~$19/hr.
  12. Bookkeeping: ~$17/hr.
  13. Psychologist:~$49/hr.
  14. Graphic Design: ~ $17/hr.
  15. Data Entry: ~$16/hr.

I’m a copywriter and content writer with a knack for SEO, and I only ever took one job under $20/hr.

My average hourly is closer to $30, depending on the project. I’m grandfathering my initial clients. Grandfathering means raising prices for only the upcoming clients while keeping the same fees for those who trust me since the early days. My hourly for the next client is $47 now.

I’m comfortable with the amount of work I’m receiving from Upwork. The current price reflects the value I can create for my clients over a period of time. And I’ve yet to work with a disrespectful client.

People I’ve met on Upwork have been fantastic so far.

Upwork released the top 15 in-demand skills in tech, based on gross service volume

  1. JavaScript
  2. CSS
  3. HTML
  4. Website Development
  5. PHP
  6. API Development
  7. WordPress
  8. HTML5
  9. Web Design
  10. Python
  11. Web Application
  12. API Integration
  13. jQuery
  14. MySQL
  15. React

The most in-demand jobs in tech are all about programming.

Tech is a rapidly changing industry, and what’s in-demand today may not be that popular tomorrow.

We’re witnessing a rise of the codless movement, machine learning, and Ai. Soon enough, automation may change things on a grander scale.

Data science is my best guess for the field of study that generates the hottest jobs and may continue to do so in the next 10 and 20 years.

Whatever industry you choose, freelancing is the most rewarding and the most stressful way of life.

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