13 Highly-Effective Tactics to Make Money Writing Online

Toni Koraza

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Money is online, it’s just you that doesn't know the exact way to the greenback. Individual writers are earning thousands, while the other 94.3% scrape leftovers.

If you know the right road to money, you can actually start earning. If you don’t, the most compelling prose can’t get your bank account to stop crying.

Here are 13 tactics to use straight away:

1. Create a 5-part free online course

Niklas Göke has a great newsletter about writing and content marketing. If you hop on to his page and subscribe to the list, you’re getting real value in your inbox.

Offering a free and valuable course gives you an opportunity to create new fans, and potential future customers. Your email list is growing, and that list is essential to any writing business.

2. Blog Series for a competitive keyword

Create a series of posts on the same topic aiming at the one keyword. You can research buzzwords and popular options on Google Trends or Answer the Public.

Find a popular phrase like Profit Writing Online and include it in your post. Google is searching for quality content, and having a connected series is just that — quality content.

3. Turn your best-performing blog post into a video

Find the best performing post, and create a short video from that content. You film and edit yourself, or you can use free stock footage.

Tom Kuegler does it often, and some of his videos have millions of views on Youtube and Facebook. Upload your video to Youtube and other services. Video ads can earn you money, while the content links back to your blog.

4. Build a paying newsletter

Substack is all the rage lately. Nicolas Cole and Casey Botticello have exclusive newsletters on Substack.

You can pay directly to the most helpful writer to receive valuable advice. Substack gives you an easy way to monetize your own newsletter.

5. Republish content on LinkedIn

You can republish your content with full permission from Google. Hop on to LinkedIn and republish your stories for more exposure.

You can republish your LinkedIn content on Medium too, just check the content-published-elsewhere box in settings.

6. Compile the top 100 blog posts into an ebook

Seth Godin is using this strategy to roll out bestsellers. You can follow in his footprints and compile the top 100 posts into an ebook.

Amazing KPD gives you an option to self-publish a hardcopy too. If your posts are roughly 1000 words on average, you can create a 250-page book.

7. Add Amazon affiliate links to your blog posts

Medium Publications frown upon affiliate links, and it’s not advised to send affiliate work to Better Marketing, Mind Cafe, and Startup.

But if you’re hosting your own page, then I don’t see a reason why you’re missing on this opportunity. If you’re already talking about a specific product, link the Amazon affiliate link in the text.

8. Send half-finished job proposals at Upwork

Upwork clients need reassurance that freelancers can get the job done. Find a project that pays above your paygrade, study materials, and shoot them a half-finished work for free.

If they’re looking for 10 stories on dog food, write one and include it in your proposal.

You’re sacrificing a lot of free time, but 99% of freelancers are not doing this. You can score a job that is way above your paygrade this way.

9. Guest blog

Find similar blogs that you love to read, search for the contact, and ask for collaboration. Most blogs are willing to accept guest posts. And you’re accessing a new audience that is already interested in your niche.

10. Hot industry report

People love to read about what industry is pouring money, and which one is a dead end.

Find a hot topic and research the money trail. burning topics are the face mask and sanitizing industry during the current pandemic. Then submit that report to a big media house like Business Insider or Vice.

11. Review books, products, and services

Buyers are more aware of what they’re buying than ever before. People love to read reviews before spending money. Review content is making a bank nowadays.

You can write about your experience with iPhones or that new sleeping mask that is changing your life.

12. Simplify complex topics with a list

Find an immensely complicated topic like profit writing online and simplify your findings with a list. People love to read simple stories. This article is an example.

13. Record a season with another writer or a client

Sinem Günel posts videos from her seasons with other writers to her Facebook group. I’ve learned a lot about brand journalism in Medium Writing Academy.

You can transcribe your conversation and write a blog post. People love to invest time in invaluable content.

The Roundup

The Internet is full of avenues to profit from writing. We live in the golden age of internet services, online content, and next-day delivery. You can find your way under the cloud, and compute the money into your bank account.

I’m making it sound easier than it is. Earning money is still hard. But once you find your avenue, earning can be safe as commuting to your 9–5, without the hassle of dealing with the morning traffic.

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