Putting ‘One Billion’ in Perspective Will Blow Your Mind

Toni Koraza

Let’s talk about a thousand million.

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One billion is a huge number. But how huge? One billion is an oh-my-lord-insanely-huge-stack-of-zeros-big number. The number comes off in a casual conversation, but often both the speaker and the listener have no idea how big this thing is in the real world.

One billion comes down to one thousand million. The number has nine zeros, and while you can read each one of them, it’s almost impossible to put this monstrosity in perspective at first glance.

One billion is a glitch in the matrix. Single-dollar bills can draw a billion in understandable terms. (Single bill’s thickness: 0.0043 inches or 0.0000000679 miles.)

Having $1 million is great, but having $1 billion makes you forever rich. You can shop till you drop.

  • $1 million stacks to 4300 inches, a 30 story high building
  • $1 billion dollar stacked bills are 124 times taller than Burj Khalifa, the tallest building on the planet
  • Saving $100 per day can get you to $1 billion in 27,397 years
  • Spending $1 each second takes 31 years to reach $1 billion

Imagine having $1 billion, do you really need that much of anything? Let’s see how it compares in other units of bro-measurements.

Let’s say you’re trying to read 1 billion words. The Bible has around 700,000 words, which makes for 52 hours read with an average-non-stop speed of 250 words per minute.

Imagine reading more than 1 thousand Bibles. You can cross any plans for the next 7.6 years if you commit nonstop with the average reading speed and no sleep. Most people don’t read 1 billion words in their lifetime.

Can you count to 1 billion? You might finish in 30 years with no sleep and good-like efficiency.

One billion is a dramatic number. But do you know what is even more ludicrous?

  • 1 trillion = 1,000,000,000,000

The human mind cannot comprehend these numbers. If you line $1 trillion bills on the floor in a straight line, you can circle the whole earth 2.72 times.

Large numbers are dramatic.

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