5 Habits That Will Help You Stop Being Lazy

Toni Koraza

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I work 7 days a week, which translates to over 100h of sitting behind a computer.

I clock-in my triple-digit hours while getting 7h of sleep, traveling every other week, and goofing around with my friends and girlfriend. I’m happy, even with the global apocalypse playing in the background.

Procrastination is my biggest enemy and my best friend.

Little procrastination is excellent for creative flow.

Random ideas can connect into a-ha moments while you’re on your couch, trying to postpone your next task for just another 15 minutes. Maybe your million-dollar idea is right there, sitting comfortably in that procrastination zone. Don’t berate yourself too hard if you’re not productive from time to time.

However, procrastination is seductive and can easily take your day away.

Here’s how you can take it under control and make the most out of your day.

1. Build the habit of starting a task.

Focus on the minimum viable goal If you want to meditate, exercise, or write more.

Focus on writing for 10minutes a day, or running for 15minutes, or reading for 20minutes. You’ll notice that most days, you’re reading longer than just the 20minutes you’ve initially planned out.

When I opt-in for only a 10-minute run, I usually end up running for half an hour. I write novels with 15-minute morning sessions.

I set out to write one Quora answer tonight, but now I’m 3 posts deep into writing.

Lowering the barrier of expectations will help you dive deeper into work.

And on days that you’re excessively busy, you still get your 10 minutes of work done.

2. Create calendar systems, and book out time slots.

Fill your calendar with tasks that you want to do, and start working on it before your mind convinces you into doing something else.

Rationalization is an unstopable force.

You can convince yourself that not working is actually better for you and that something else makes more sense. Sure, if you think long about it, everything is possible. If you look at yourself too long in the mirror, you’re going to look different to yourself. That’s the power of rationalization.

The trick here is to start working first and thinking later.

You can figure out if something is not for you after trying it out first.

3. Create your high-production zone.

Build an environment that will support your work.

Find the right music, position your desk away from others, close the door, and dive into your next task. Is your chair comfortable? Do you have the right desk? Can you truly be in peace and focus on the place of your work?

When you get everything sorted out, then turn off your phone.


4. Eliminate friction if you want to accomplish more.

Make it harder to procrastinate.

If you want to work more, make it easier to work more. If you want to be an early riser, remove the curtains from your windows. If you want to write in the morning, place the laptop next to your bed. If you want to stay behind your desk longer, prepare all the snacks, coffee, and everything you might need to stay in the zone.

You’re dying to hit the gym more often? Join the closest place to your home — the one you see from your window.

Increase friction for stuff that you don’t want to happen. Place the chips and cookies on the top shelf if you’re looking to lose weight.

Less friction makes more stuff happen.

More friction gives less stuff.

5. Optimize your nutrition, and don’t overeat.

Your diet can support your work.

Sometimes you’re not lazy, but possibly missing the right nutrients. Maybe you just ate too much, and your insulin is spiking out of control. Individuals lack Iron, Vitamin B-12, Magnesium, or many other micronutrients that you might not get from your regular diet, while others eat too much. Balance is the key.

Eating a big meal before writing is usually not the best idea.

Food can make you slow. My concentration, ideas, and creativity don’t come as easy after lunch. I’m usually sleepy and need more coffee to continue with my day.

Try to finish your work before a bigger meal.

I’m yet to experience any general fatigue or burnout.

I don’t have the luxury of binge-watching Tv shows, drinking alcohol, or smoking weed.

I’m not bothered by missing entertainment right now because I’m running a publication, online shop, newsletter, and blog. I’m writing books, investing, working on two startups, and cater to awesome freelance clients.

Creating stuff and helping others is an overwhelmingly powerful driver, and once you tap into its energy, you won’t procrastinate much.

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