Why Ford Is Bringing Back OJ Simpson’s Getaway Car

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A new Ford Bronco series is coming out this year.

Ford has announced three new models: Bronco two-door, Bronco four-door, and Bronco Sport. And the SUV is already famous online. Ford Broncos should hit American roads sometime in mid-2021, and that's special.

The whole world watched when O.J. Simpson drove his white Bronco in the most televised TV chase in history.

Ford discontinued the production of the SUV shortly after O.J.’s trial, which has been named the trial of the century. The trend towards SUVs has been unfavorable ever since. The rise of gas prices and wars in the Middle East made offroad vehicles an expensive sport. And Ford limited the production of four-wheel-drive vehicles.

But 2019 has seen a trend reversal, and the U.S. markets are crazy for SUVs lately. They have outsold sedans at a two to one ratio, and many believe the offroad car trend is re-emerging again.

Two main reasons why Ford is revamping its Bronco line: nostalgia and the favorable trend reversal. The Frond Bronco has already taken the internet by storm, only a day after the initial announcement.

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Ford Bronco

The Ford Bronco is officially back, after 25 years. The Bronco SUV line was started as a direct response to Jeep’s CJ-5 in 1966. The new Bronco shares the same DNA as the past versions of the vehicle. We might see the Sport edition before the year ends. The production date for the two-door and the four-door models is set out for this spring.

The previous model has been popular for 30 years. Ford pulled the plug on the Bronco series in 1996. Rising gas prices and wars in the middle east made the SUV expensive to drive, and unfavorable for mass production.

Americans have always been crazy about off-road vehicles. But the trends have changed and come back again, as trends usually do. Many experts find that the new SUV craze might be just the beginning of the new trend. And Ford officials agree.

O.J. Simpson’s infamous police pursuit is one of the most popular TV events in history. O.J. drove a white bronco in a two-hour low-speed chase. And Americans still can’t get the picture of that white Bronco out of their minds.

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SUV trend reversal has been brewing for a few years now. Bloomberg posted an article talking about Ford Broncos selling at auction for 45x the original price.

“Your dad’s beater that once cost $2,400 is a highly coveted artifact and if you want one, you better buy quickly while you still can find one for less than $100,000.”

Vintage Broncos like the 1974 edition is selling for north of $600,000. And Ford officials have been taking notes. The Bronco Underground fan group is also adding to the story by lobbying the car manufacturer to revamp the SUV model.

The Bronco Underground is active since the late 90s, and finally, their work is paying off. The new Ford Bronco might see the American roads this year.

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Nostalgia Marketing

Consumers are buying stuff based on their emotional responses. Reason only comes in second to justify the purchase. Consumers are not purely rational beings, and hardly anyone can be totally rational.

Consumers tend to remember their past with a smile on their face. You might associate smells, colors, or products with your happy memories. You’re reliving your famous moments behind that Bronco wheel.

Marketing has known this nugget of truth for decades. And nostalgia marketing banks on this idea. Ford is not rolling out a different kind of SUV with a modern name or a modern line. The car is perfectly new, but the idea is old enough to evoke the feel-good emotions of the 80s and 90s.

Nostalgia counteracts loneliness, boredom, and anxiety, according to Southampton studies. The revamped product lines fire up an emotional response to escape into safety. You get a warm fuzzy buzz from your past.

Do you remember the freedom and the smile across your face when you were driving to pick up your date in the 80s? You were the king of the world, and the whole life was in front of you.

Nostalgia marketing works for failed products too. PepsiCo reintroduced a Crystal Pepsi in 2016. The original clear soda was on the market for less than a full year due to foul taste and Coca-cola’s kamikaze marketing. But people from the 90s remember the Superbowl ad, and Crystal Pepsi brings them back to their careless past.

Crystal Pepsi doesn’t taste like the original Pepsi, but the consumers are flocking in to buy the cola. PepsiCo officials reported fantastic sales numbers.

Ford Bronco is a similar product, only bigger, pricier, and riskier. The internet has lost its optic nerve since the original announcement. Google has recorded more than 1 million hits for Ford Bronco yesterday.

And thousands of Instagrams, Youtube, and other influencers have talked about it in the first 12 hours of the announcement. Ford Bronco is back.

https://img.particlenews.com/image.php?url=3dupbP_0YGmgjf000Image courtesy of Ford.com

Ford Bronco plays to your emotions while following the market trends.

Roadsters are back in fashion. Ford’s latest series is an oldie, but a goldie in the SUV world.

Ford discontinued the production of the SUV shortly after O.J.’s trial. Rising gas prices and the unfavorable market sentiment made it a no-brainer. But old fashion always gets back in fashion.

And Ford is reintroducing the Bronco series after 25 years, and it probably makes for the best dad present next year. The marketing mix of emotions and trends is perfect to roll out an international product sensation.

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