Astonishing Benefits of Ice-cold Showers

Toni Koraza

Catapult your morning routine

I’m trying to open my eyes in defiance. They are fighting back. Rebellion is the only thing on my mind. My mouth is dry and thirsty. The alarm rings my ears off. My thoughts are commanding me not to move. Muscles lie still, too stiff to move.

Time on the alarm clock — 5:00 a.m.

“Don’t get up. Shhh. It’s too early. Stay here. 5 more minutes. That is all you need, buddy. It’s cold outside”.

This is a trap, I thought.

My mind doesn’t want me to grind. It is not my best friend right now. And it’s not going to like what I do next either.

A horde of voices is screaming unanimously in discomfort. It was so nice swimming in the sea of dreamland. They can’t come to peace. Comfort has to end now.

I’m going to work more than 12 hours today. If I don’t get up now and get ready, I might never make it on time.

Being productive straight off is another challenge. Maybe even a bigger one. I need a clear mind and a strong body. We are going to hustle today. Nobody cares if it’s hard to get out of bed. It doesn’t matter if you only slept just a few hours.

Time on the alarm clock — 05:01 a.m.

This minute was more then I needed. I’m already late.

Dragging my body out of the comforts of my favorite place on the planet. Entering the bathroom. Looking at the shower. My eyes are aiming at the blue dot on the shower commands.

I took a step back. Took a deep breath. This is rebellion I thought again. Can’t let my mind have a saying in this. I’m not doing anything rational right now.

I set the temperature to Ice cold. Water started pouring down. I jumped in before my mind had a thing to add.

It burns at first. Like a stream of fire is flowing down your body. Next thing you know, you are grasping for breath. There is a strong tightening sensation in your chest. I’m getting reborn - it feels like. After a minute, you get used to the temperature. It is far from pleasant, but it gets bearable. With every passing second, you start feeling this immense rush of energy. It feels astonishing. Like a victory. First one today. A grand battle is soon to be over. Your mind and body are not begging to go back to the comfort of the dreamland anymore. They are in alignment with your goals. Eager to get going. You are ready for the battle royale.

I’m getting out of the shower like a Wolverine after instantly regenerating from the bullet wounds. Wanting to shout out from the top of my lungs. It feels fantastic.

Time on the alarm clock — 05:12 a.m.

Carpe Diem.
“The medicine it’s three times everyday taking cold water shower.” 
― Deyth Banger

The case for taking cold showers.

You just woke up. There is an important day up ahead. What are you going to do first? Think about a cold shower.

Are you crazy? Some might think.

It is not least pleasant at first. I know. It sounds agonizing. like something, a madman would do first thing in the morning. Just insane. But the truth is, you get used to it. And it is proven to have plenty of jaw-dropping benefits.

After a while, you start appreciating it. Even loving it.

You might already realize it builds a strong mental resolve. Or wakes you up faster than a double shot of espresso. There are also a number of other captivating benefits. Let’s mention a few grand ones!

  1. They increase alertness

Once you step into a cold shower you’ll feel your body going for an instant deep breath. It is a natural response to the sudden change of temperature. Such a response signals the body to keep us warm. It increases overall oxygen available in our body. This is rushing our heart to pump faster and release a rush of blood through our body. A process like this fuels us with the fresh dose of defying energy.

2. Cold showers reduce stress levels

Jumping into a cold shower eases our response to stress. This promotes greater tolerance and overall resilience in trying situations. Such an action drastically lowers uric acid levels and boosts Glutathione in your blood — as this study finds out. Are you ready to be an ice-cold badass?

3. They stimulate weight loss

Some people might already know this. There are 2 types of fat tissue we can find in our body's storage. We distinguish white fat from brown fat. White fat is considered to be a bad kind of fat. It is accumulated through eating more calories than we need to function. It is an ugly kind of fat. Usually, we can see it piling up around our bellies, lower back or thighs. On the other hand, there is brown fat. Good kind of fat. It is activated when our body needs to heal itself up. Especially when our bodies are exposed to extreme temperature swings — like cold showers. A 2009 study found that cold showers might help you lose up to 9 pounds in a year.

4. Cold showers improve skin and hair

Feeling better. Looking better. Like there was more motivation needed. Cold showers are the most natural way of maintaining your skin and hair appearance. Hot water has a tendency to dry your skin. Especially, if we stay in the shower for too long. On the other hand, cold water tightens the pores on your skin and your scalp. This helps fight the dirt from getting in. It gives your hair and your skin a shinier and healthier look.

5. Improves circulation

Getting a cold shower stimulates your body to send more blood through your organs. In an attempt to keep ourselves warm, we start pumping blood in a more efficient manner. Overall, such a practice increase hearth and cardiovascular health. It lowers blood pressure, clear blocked arteries, and improves our immune system — this study finds.

6. Cold showers ease depression

One of the most important benefits of cold showers might be their role in combating depression. The skin has a high density of cold receptors. Much more than the warm ones. These receptors, when being exposed to cold water, send a mesmerizing amount of electrical impulses to the brain. Resulting in antidepressive mental boost — according to this study.

Cold showers might be a hard habit to form, but the benefits are almost endless.

They are a savage way to start your day. They sound agonizing at first. But they end up producing the exciting benefit for the overall mind and body. They are an experience which pushes you to be a better functioning human being. As you feel better and look better you tend to perform better. There is only an upside to catapulting your morning routine with a cold shower.

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