Vegas Quarantine Baby must haves 2020-2021

Tomi Marie Cook

With our new bundle of joy arriving soon i decided to put together a list of my favorite products so far of 2020.
Shopping for a new baby can be stressful and sometimes we don’t know what products will work for us and what we will need for the months to come.
I’ve put together a list to help make shopping for your new baby a little easier and give you more time to enjoy your pregnancy and your new baby!
There’s the obvious essential needs like a Crib, A change table, diapers, & than there’s the stuff you don’t know you need but will make your life a little easier when it comes to babies and comfort…. These are the 2020 must haves in my list the cutting edge products I have been loving… So if your looking for a new baby monitor or a special bassinet type nest for baby here is the best baby gear for the year of 2020 Babies edition!

Dodo Bebe Nest By Dodo Bebe

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The Dodo Bebe Nest ($80) Is one of my favorite items on my baby list for our new bundle of joy. They come in a variety of so many beautiful prints and designs to your liking at an affordable price. These work for newborns up to 8-12 months. Can be used as a travel bed can be used for tummy time so make it super comfortable for baby. Comes with a newborn pillow (my favorite). It will be perfect for Co-sleeping with your baby. Its made with great quality breathable material, & it comes with its own travel bag which i love so much!!! Covers are removal for easy washing and cleaning! Like what is better than that?? I am absolutely in love with this product and i cant wait to use it when our baby girl arrives. you can get yours with the link provided below! Be sure to leave a review and let me know how your liking your DodoBebe Nest and what pattern you got

As a momma of soon to be 4 babies I take pride in making sure my baby is super safe and comfortable and has all their needs met, this DoDoBebe nest is perfect for naps and co sleeping. its perfect to bring along on trips and while your away your baby has somewhere cozy and safe to nap and sleep.

Its so cozy soft and it looks adorable its definitely been a must have for me in my baby items this 2020. Their designs are so perfect for anyone and perfect for a holiday gift or baby gift. I love this baby nest and I could go on all day about it but i will just say that it has been a great new favorite of mine. cant wait to use it for our baby girl who is coming soon. Stay tuned for our baby’s arrival!

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Zippies By West Coast Zippies

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West Coast Zippies ($24.95) These Are one of the best items i have packed in my hospital bag, The quality is so soft and stretchy! i love the colors of them, I picked out a few different sizes and colors to share with you all! West Coast zippies one piece zip suit comes equipped with a durable two-way zipper to make changing super easy and quick. They come with fold down covers for both hands and feet to ensure warm babies and happy babies. && when i say these are the softest i mean buttery soft material for your babies comfort. seriously once you feel them you wont want to dress your little one in anything else!! i wish they made adult size!!! The Limited colors are… Pumpkin, Frost, Cranberry, Candy Cane, Mocha latte, Grinch Green.. Like how cute are those names!! wait till you see the colors of them! i am so in love!! She also sells Amber teething necklaces check them out! To get yours click the link below and make sure to leave a comment of the colors you’ve chosen!!

I have a Code for 10% OFF your purchase ( GLAM10 ) Code is good until DEC 31st

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Okay Now these next few items are For during pregnancy and they have been a must for Expecting mamas, They just make Pregnancy better!

Sneak Peek Early Gender DNA Test

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Sneak Peek was a huge hit for our pregnancy we couldn’t wait to find out the gender of our baby!!! it took little to no time to be sent and it ships to Canada and US. They provide very easy instructions on how to do the test at home. I had no problem with it and it was super easy to use and do. we sent it off that day and got results via email which was amazing! super easy convenient and they provide results that were true. We were so beyond happy when we found out what the gender was of our baby and when that email went pink i literally jumped with joy!!! we were able to start planning for baby number 4 and start buying all the pink and bows!!! we did a gender reveal for our friends and family and we had a blast planning it all! I highly recommend this test to all you mamas who want to know the gender early on and start planning for your little love!

I have provided a code for the month of november it gives you % OFF your purchase this code only works for the month of NOVEMBER! i will update code for DECEMBER

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Well Mamas thats a wrap i hope you enjoyed my list of baby must haves for 2020 i am so ready to meet my beautiful bundle of joy!

Stay tuned for part 2!

Please comment your favorite products below so i can check out your baby must items!

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