Mayor Adams seeks $4.2 Billion to support New York's migrant crisis

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New York Mayor Eric Adams visited upstate New York to seek more funding for the migrant crisis in his own city. After spending millions of dollars, Adams realizes he needs more money to house and provide support for migrants who arrived from Texas and by their own means.

The sum he is looking for is not a couple thousand, but billions of dollars. Of course, it is not as much as President Joe Biden is spending to support illegal aliens which is $150 billion. Adams only needs another $4.2 billion.

So far, he is not getting support from Governor Kathy Hochul though she did propose $1 billion to support migrants. Her other actions were not nearly as much and another smaller amount was provided.

But Governor Hochul may have to worry about another crisis that may be closer to her that may emerge soon.

Mayor Adams said:

“We have to find an additional $4.2 billion. That is really going to undermine our city and it’s going to impact every single service that we have. The lawmakers up here that represent the city made clear this national issue should not be on the back of New Yorkers and they’re going to deliver it on our behalf.”

City Comptroller Brad Lander is well aware of the financial crisis and he provided real numbers that Mayor Adams needed. He recently said:

“Right now, our city desperately needs the federal government to ramp up financial support if we’re going to give asylum seekers the support they need. New York State, too, needs to pay its fair share.”

Mayor Adams has already provided free college support and temporary housing for migrants. He feels the money he has available will not cover future costs.

Do you think Mayor Adams will get the funding he needs?

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