Governor Abbott's battle against the Texas migrant crisis continues in 2023

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Governor Abbott at the Houston Border Patrol eventPhoto byTwitter

This past Saturday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott made an appearance in Houston where he address Operation Lone Star. The operation passed its second year anniversary to deter migrants from entering Texas. Abbott was the keynote speaker for the 2023 National Border Patrol Council.

Governor Abbott continues to ask for support from the Biden administration and he feels Operation Lone Star will continue. Biden has implemented some immigration policies since his trip to the southern border in January where Governor Abbott handed him a scathing letter.

At the Houston event, Governor Abbott said:

"Y’all know exactly what’s going on – the cartels will flood the zone, you’ll get overwhelmed in apprehending people – and that’s when the cartels are able to move across the goods and the people that are high-valued assets. That’s where DPS has to step in and fill the gap, and that’s where they go in and make arrests."

Abbott said Texas had spent $4.5 billion and will spend another $4.5 billion on Operation Lone Star.

Border Patrol and the Department of Public Safety have arrested more than 25,000 people including some who were wanted for murder.

A few weeks ago, Chinese migrants were mentioned as there was an increase in their border crossings from Mexico.

Mexican Cartels are profiting off the Chinese as they charge them between $35,000 to $50,000 per person to enter Texas.

DPS Lieutenant Chris Olivarez added:

“DPS is dealing with an uptick in Chinese nationals, especially in the Rio Grande Valley sector, which is unusual because before we would never see this many Chinese nationals coming across this area. It’s a very lucrative business for cartels.”

In this video, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas gives a status on the fentanyl drug crossing the southern border.

Do you think Governor Abbott’s strategy is working?

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