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Tucker Carlson expresses outrage over recent bill passed in Washington, D.C. that support migrants

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Immigrants who arrived in Washington, D.C. are furious about a new law that helps recently arrived migrants. Several local immigrants in the Capital express their views. Several believe this is unfair.

Previously, board member Juan Ulloa is with the D.C. Local Caucus said:

“We’re offering the opportunity for more people that are affected by the decisions of our legislators to have a voice in the process.”

This idea didn’t start last year when Texas Governor Greg Abbott began busing migrants to Washington. The idea has been working for years by Ulloa and other local groups to give more rights to newly arrived migrants.

Migrants who have been in the city for 30 days are allowed to vote in local elections.

The Local Resident Voting Rights Act was passed in October giving newly arrived migrants the right to vote.

The Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI) and Stacia Hall who is a candidate for Mayor said the law was illegal.

On Fox and Friends, two immigrants expressed their disapproval of this bill.

Alma Ohene-Opare came from Ghana and received her citizenship after living in the country for close to two decades.

She said:

"Why are we devaluing American citizenship?"

Then Fox News host Tucker Carlson said:

“We have tens of millions of illegal aliens… living in the United States, and our elections are determined by tens or hundreds of thousands of votes. So if they can all vote, we’re done. Why aren’t people outraged about this?”
"What does it mean to be American anymore? Is there anything that differentiates the American citizen from anybody who just comes into this country?"

On the show, Carlson referred to the bill that Washington, D.C. passed.

Republicans in Congress are planning to oppose this bill.

If the bill stays legal, this would make Washington, D.C. the largest city allowing migrants to vote.

Do you think migrants should be allowed to vote 30 days after arriving in the City?

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