Surge of Chinese migrants crossing Texas border: a growing concern for US Border Patrol

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Over the past year, migrants from Central and South America were the main people crossing the southern border, legally and illegally. Texas Governor Greg Abbott started Operation Lone Star in March 2021.

The operation has done well stopping and capturing illegal immigrants and drug smugglers bringing fentanyl that affects Texans and others across the country.

The majority of migrants crossing the border came from Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Haiti, Peru, and Ecuador.

This year, the number of migrants crossing the border has decreased but there is another group of migrants that is seeing an increase. These people are coming from China and illegally crossing the border.

Most Chinese nationals are single adults.

News Nation reported 1,667 Chinese nationals have crossed the border.

Chinese nationals begin their journey from Ecuador where visas are not required from Chinese nationals. Then they make the journey from there to reach Texas.

Border Patrol mentioned they are seeing a record number of Chinese nationals crossing the border. They are seeing the most cross the border since 2010.

Chief Patrol Agent Gloria Chavez tweeted about the migrants entering the Rio Grande Valley:

“creating a strain on our workforce due to the complexities of the language barrier and lengths the processing.”
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Last month, Chinese nationals were also crossing the border into Arizona.

Why Chinese nationals are coming to Texas

The main reason the Chinese are coming to America is that China is still dealing with harsh COVID policies. China is working under a Zero COVID policy that limits a person's freedom. The government is making safety its number one priority.

People visiting China must provide a negative COVID test.

Between December and January 2022, it was reported there were 59,938 COVID-related deaths in China.

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