President Biden Continues Trump's Legacy - Building a Wall Along the US-Mexico Border

Tom Handy
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During President Donald Trump’s presidency, he started building a wall along the southern border. Some people thought he was crazy to come up with that idea. Then there were others who agreed that it was necessary as migrants and drugs were crossing the border.

That ended when President Joe Biden came into office. A lot of plans Trump was working on suddenly stopped.

But now, Biden is restarting construction on the wall, this time in Arizona. It’s doubtful he’ll provide Governor Greg Abbott any assistance since he has asked for help as migrants crossed into Texas. Abbott started building the Texas wall on his own along with his own Immigration Czar recently hired.

Even former Governor Doug Ducey was building a wall but he was stopped before he left office. Millions of dollars of taxpayer money were wasted.

Governor Katie Hobbs said she was going to get President Biden to provide more assistance for the border state and she may have the charm to get that done that Ducey didn’t have.

In Yuma, 30-foot walls are lined up and getting ready to be used.

A migrant advocate with the Arizona-California Humanitarian Coalition Fernando Quiroz said:

“Some areas I can understand where it’s feasible to finish certain sections. There has always been a fence, this is just a more expensive more elaborate fence.”

Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council said:

“It’s not going to be the end-all, but it’s definitely a piece of the puzzle. To realistically patrol this border without a wall, that infrastructure it’s going to take about one agent per linear mile, with the wall you can do it with one agent for every seven miles.”

Here’s a recent video on the wall construction at Friendship Park:

What do you think about the wall construction starting again?

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