Border Patrol Saw a 231% Increase in Migrants in the First Quarter - Will the Texas Czar Help?

Tom Handy
Governor Greg Abbott hired Michael Banks as the Texas Immigration CzarPhoto byTwitter

It’s only been two days since Texas Governor Greg Abbott appointed retired Customs and Border Patrol Agent, Michael Banks, to his new role as Texas Immigration Czar. With a huge increase from the previous year, White will have his hands full.

Governor Abbott previously stated that the migrant surge is normally low at this time of the year. So he believes the number of migrants crossing into Texas will only increase as the months go on.

The Customs and Border Patrol recently announced they saw 162,603 migrant encounters in the first quarter of FY 2023. The migrants were primarily from five countries:

  • Nicaragua
  • Venezuela
  • Mexico
  • Ecuador
  • Colombia

Last month, President Biden announced his immigration plan which limits the number of migrants entering the southern border to 30,000 a month. The countries that fall under this plan are Venezuela, Nicaragua, Haiti, and Cuba. And, they have to use the CBP One smartphone app to get a meeting at a designated border patrol site.

There have been some technical difficulties that slowed down the migrants who arrived last month, so we’ll have to watch the number of migrants who figure out the system.

So once the weather starts to get warmer, Czar Banks may have his hands full. Some migrants have been caught illegally entering Texas. There are some US citizens who have helped them which Border Patrol has arrested.

Then you can hear from the Mayor of Lorado Texas, Victor Toreno, share his thoughts on the migrant crisis:

Do you think the number of migrants legally and illegally entering Texas will increase this year?

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