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New York City Mayor Adams Vents His Frustration at the Biden Administration

Tom Handy
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New York City Mayor Eric Adams is not holding back and sharing what the Biden administration needs to fix. Adams bluntly said, why don’t I know who is in charge of the border?

The mayor said:

“I was told that we have an individual that’s coordinating the operation, and as I shared with White House officials, why don’t I know who that is?”

Mayor Adams must be frustrated this year. It was only a few months ago when Texas Governor Greg Abbott began busing migrants to New York City. Then a few weeks ago, Adams traveled to El Paso to get a closer look at the situation up front as the city was dealing with migrants crossing the border.

Here are some scenes from when Mayor Adams visited El Paso earlier this month.

Then Mayor Adams was recently on the radio show “Sid & Friends in the Morning” addressing the migrant problem. He said it wasn’t one city’s problem, but a national problem.

“Well, let's peel back both of those questions. Number one, this is a national problem and the national problem is the long term and short term solutions that must be addressed. Reason I say national government because we have an immigration problem that goes beyond what we are facing right now and it needs to be fixed and it takes Congress and it takes the White House to accomplish that. And if we don't state national, then we are going to leave the other half of the relationship off the hook. Republicans have traditionally and continuously blocked real comprehensive immigration reform, that has to stop. We have to fix this problem.”
And second, when you look at my stating that we need a real coordination at the border, that is a responsibility that the White House must do. I made that clear over and over again, yelling and screaming is not going to solve the problem. Now, when we talk about a sanctuary city that is codified in law — there was a lawsuit, and this is a state and city of law and order, the courts rule that this is a sanctuary city. We have a moral and legal obligation to fulfill that. We don't believe asylum seekers fall into the whole right to shelter conversation. This is a crisis that must be addressed based on what was created on this national platform.”

Let’s see if the Biden administration will provide more support to cities as they handle the migrant crisis.

Do you think Mayor Adams has a right to make these complaints?

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