Over 818,000 Got Away Crossing the U.S. Border Under the Biden Administration

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Though 704 migrants were recently captured as they crossed the Texas-Mexican border, many get away without getting caught. Fox News reported there were 73,000 ‘gotaways’ in November - migrants who crossed the border illegally without getting captured.

In July this year, the Republican National Committee released there were 818,112 ‘gotaways’ under the Biden administration from January to September 2022.

Overall, in the fiscal year 2022 (October 1, 2021 - September 30, 2022), Customs and Border Patrol recorded 2,766,582 encounters along the border from border patrol and law enforcement.

Once Title 42 ends on December 21, 2022, the number of ‘gotaways’ will likely continue and increase.

Most of the crossings occur along the Rio Grande Valley which is south of San Antonio.

Texas Department of Public Safety Lieutenant. Chris Olivarez said:

“They’re seeing all these different challenges trying to apprehend gotaways, trying to focus on and apprehend families that are coming across, human smuggling, and now also dealing with drone incursions that we’re seeing.”

Olivarez was referring to a new initiative the Department is using to locate “gotaways’. In addition to the 10 M1113 Armored Personnel Carriers that Governor Greg Abbott ordered as part of Operation Lonestar, they are also using K-9 dogs and drones. The K-9s and drones will be able to track down and find the migrants that try to get away.

The border patrol is also using U.S. Air Marshalls to reduce the number of illegal aliens who cross the border.

Texas is using full force to reduce and detain the ‘gotaways’ as they try to enter the Texas border.

Do you expect there will be many more 'gotaways' in 2023?

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