President Biden Visits a Southern State, But Avoids the Southern Border, Again

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President Joe Biden visits Phoenix, Arizona but ignores the southern borderPhoto byTwitter

President Joe Biden is visiting a border state but has no plans to visit the southern border. Since October, under Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, he has bussed 2,043 migrants on 57 buses according to Axios. Ducey followed Texas Governor Greg Abbott when he started bussing migrants to the Washington capital to show President Biden the issues he was dealing with.

But Biden wants no part of that on his visit to Phoenix, Arizona. In fact, while he has been in office for close to two years, Biden has not made one visit to the southern border in Arizona or Texas.

Instead, Biden is following up on the CHIPS Act that Congress voted on.

The CHIPS ACT was passed in Congress in August to bring more manufacturing for this back to the United States where most of these electronic parts are created overseas. This has caused a backlog in automobiles, computers, and other electronic devices that use microchips while raising prices over the past year or so.

The video provides more details on the President's trip on manufacturing the microchips:

Biden wants no part of the migrant issues facing the border on this trip.

News Nation reported that President Biden has never visited the southern border even while he was in Congress, Vice President, or President of the United States.

White House Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said:

'What I'm saying is that tomorrow he's going to actually focus on an issue – a bipartisan issue – that was voted in Congress, the CHIPS in Science Ac.'

Jean-Pierre added the trip:

“is about American manufacturing boom we’re seeing all across the country, thanks to … his economic policies.”

Biden was criticized for not visiting the Arizona-Mexican border:

Arizona Sheriff displaced with President Biden

One Arizona Sheriff is speaking out about Biden bypassing the border. Yuma County Sheriff Leon Wilmot says his area sees 900 to 950 migrant encounters each day.

Sheriff Wilmot said:

“The commander in chief is solely responsible for this. I mean he is the one that says yea or nay, and shame on him for not wanting to engage with the local communities to do what’s right.”

Do you think President Biden should visit the southern border?

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