Former Head of Border Patrol Says Governor Abbott Needs to Remove Texas Migrants

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A long-serving public official comes out and told NewsMax, that Texas Governor Greg Abbott needs to remove migrants and send them back to Mexico. Mark Morgan made these remarks on November 28, 2022, while speaking at the Wake Up America interview.

Morgan brings along an extensive background serving our country. He was previously the former Acting Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and was appointed by President Barack Obama to lead the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Prior to heading ICE, he served in the U.S. Marine Corps. Morgan also holds a law degree from the University of Missouri.

In the interview, Morgan said about Governor Abbott:

"He's not going to be enforcing federal immigration law. What he's going to be doing is using the Constitution to protect his state.”
"He's done a lot and, again, more than any other governor. But what we haven't seen yet is for him to avail himself of the one thing under this invasion clause, which is significant — and that's to detain illegal aliens and remove them directly by Texas back to Mexico. That's what needs to be done to really address this crisis, and we haven't seen the governor quite do that."

Then he said what has Mexico done in the past two years and what migrants were crossing through their country as they entered the United States.

“There's about 6,000 to 7,000 illegal aliens every single day crossing the border the past two years, and the government of Mexico has done nothing."

Morgan added that with the end of Title 42 on December 21 that U.S. Judge Sullivan recently declared, this will bring more issues and that illegal entry is allowed.

He said:

"When you have a flood 3 feet or 3.5 feet, it's still a total disaster. The issue was we've got to reduce that 3 feet of water coming in. That's not what this administration is doing. So the tsunami that we see, the crisis that we see — it's going to continue. It's not going to get better."

Members of Congress were working to fix the migrant issue but they are not getting very far.

The previous Customs and Border Patrol Chris Magnus resigned two weeks ago after serving less than a year in this position. Magnus clashed with border officials on how he was handling the border crisis.

Border Patrol was seeing a record number of migrants a few months ago in this video here.

Do you think Governor Abbott should send migrants back to Mexico?

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