Arizona Senators Fight Back Against the End of Title 42

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Since President Joe Biden took office, it is estimated 1.5 million migrants were released back into the United States than released. Migrants that are released today won’t step foot into court until five years from now in 2028.

Now with Title 42 about to end, the number of migrants entering the United States will increase again along the southern border. Migrants are literally camping in Mexico and waiting for the policy to get lifted.

On November 15, U.S. Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan said the policy was "arbitrary and capricious”. But he gave President Joe Biden until December 21 to prepare for migrants to enter to claim asylum in the country.

This worries U.S. Border patrol as they expect many migrants will cross the border.

One Border Patrol agent wrote in a message:

"When Title 42 ends we are going to see an already broken immigration system become completely inundated across all sectors. There will be no choice but to prioritize administrative/detainee functions over actual enforcement.
"The only way to achieve this will be to pull line agents off the border and send them to processing. They won't have any choice but to parole and release as many people as possible to avoid another large-scale media event [i.e. Del Rio]."

Then six Border Patrol employees said they expect on December 21 illegal immigrants will not be sent back to Mexico.

One senior agent in West Texas said:

"Title 42 was a cracked dam. We all know that when it breaks, a huge flood is coming. The flood of people coming in at once will cripple our already broken immigration system.”
"Customs and Border Protection will have no other choice but to release virtually everyone."

Another Border Patrol agent said:

"Everyone is anticipating that the flow will be nuts. The people waiting in Mexico already will be anxious to come in ASAP."

Then this Border Patrol agent said:

"We expect things to remain overwhelming for our agents."

This could be as bad as some people trying to enter stores on Black Friday.

15 States want to keep Title 42

Several states want Title 42 to remain in effect since they fear Texas and Arizona will be overwhelmed with immigrants crossing the border when Title 42 ends.

Last Monday, the states filed a motion to intervene. This means they want to be part of the legal proceedings of Title 42.

They want their voices heard because of the “irreparable harm from the impending Termination of Title 42”.

Since Title 42 has been in effect more than 2.4 million immigrants were expelled since March 2020.

U.S. Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Mark Kelly from Arizona sent a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on the end of Title 42.

The senators wrote:

“While Title 42 expulsion totals reflect repeat attempts to enter the United States, a sharp end to Title 42 would nonetheless significantly increase the number of migrants apprehended along the Southwest Border under Title 8.”

Joining the senators were Senators Maggie Hassan, D-New Hampshire, and Jon Tester, D-Montana.
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The letter was sent three days after Judge Sullivan’s ruling.

Kelly and Simena have urged the federal government to prepare for the end of this ruling.

In a recent U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs hearing Simena said:

"It is obvious that the current strategy being implemented at our Southwest Border is not working, and change is necessary.”

Earlier in March, Kelly and Simena secured $150 million in funding for NGOs and communities to mitigate the costs of migrants for food, shelter, and transportation.

On November 22, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-California, called on Mayorkas to resign or he could be impeached next year.

This Arizona sheriff Daniels in Chochise County shares his concerns over migrant crossings:

Do you think Arizona is ready for the influx of migrants when Title 42 ends?

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