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Migrants Attacked Customs and Border Patrol, and It Wasn't the First Time

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On November 2, 2022, a U.S. Border Patrol agent was attacked by migrants. Migrants were attempting to cross the Texas-Mexican border and the Border Patrol fired back with pepper balls at the crowd along the El Paso border. Migrants are waiting in Mexico until Title 42 is lifted on December 20 after a federal judge declared disallowed the COVID era ruling.

U. S. Senator John Cornyn said:

“Title 42 has been one of the few remaining tools that have been used to prevent even greater chaos than what I've described, and now with it potentially likely going away, even that tool will be lost.”

This was not the first attack against border patrol and not likely the last.

In the fiscal year 2022, 539 Border Patrol agents were assaulted, up from 441 in 2021, and 359 in the year before.

Last month in October, agents were assaulted 61 times along the southern border. This was the most in any month since 2020.

Officials at the U.S. Border Patrol said:

“United States Border Patrol agents are trained, equipped, and authorized to respond appropriately when faced with a threat,” the agency said in a statement to The Washington Times. “However, when harm is attempted, CBP works with federal and state prosecutors to ensure appropriate cases are referred for prosecution.”

Under the Trump administration, Mark Morgan served as head of Customs and Border Patrol said that’s the problem - under President Biden, assaults have increased, and the situation has deteriorated.

“You’re increasing the number of illegal aliens that are trying to avoid apprehension. They’re running, they’re fighting, they’re doing everything they can. With that, more agents are going to be assaulted.”

He said:

“Every single potential negative aspect is exponentially expanded when you have policies that increase illegal immigration across the board. Assaults on agents is just another of the dominos to fall when you have open borders.”

Agents are seeing an improvement from the end of the Bush administration and then the beginning of the Obama administration.

Some migrants are armed with weapons mentioned in this video:

This could a possible reason why Governor Greg Abbott authorized the use of 10 military vehicles to support the Border Patrol mentioned here.

Do you think Governor Abbott should do anything else to support the Border Patrol?

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