Here's What Governor Abbott Wrote to President Biden on the Migrant Crisis

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The Constitution has recognized protecting the sovereign territory for close to 150 years under the federal government.

Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution grants Congress authority to “establish a uniform Rule of Naturalization,” and the Supreme Court has recognized the federal government’s inherent powers of national sovereignty, such as conducting foreign relations, protecting the national security, and controlling the border.

Since President Joe Biden came into office, Governor Greg Abbott took it upon the state of Texas to fulfill protecting the state and country since the president did not provide any support. He started Operation Lone Star in March 2021 using the Department of Public Safety and the Texas National Guard to capture migrants crossing the border. This was also two months after Biden came into office.

Last week, Governor Abbott wrote a letter to President Biden that read:

“Two years of inaction on your part now leave Texas with no choice but to escalate our efforts to secure our State. Your open-border policies, which have catalyzed an unprecedented crisis of illegal immigration, are the sole cause of Texas having to invoke our constitutional authority to defend ourselves."

The Texas Department of Public Safety said in a statement:

"These actions are part of a larger strategy to use every available tool to fight back against the record-breaking level of illegal immigration.”
“The Texas National Guard is taking unprecedented measures to safeguard our border and to repel and turn-back immigrants trying to cross the border illegally."

Since Operation Lone Star began, this has led to 325,000 migrant apprehensions, more than 21,900 criminal arrests, and more than 19,400 felony charges reported. The Department of Public Safety also seized 352 million lethal doses of fentanyl.

Texas bussed almost 8,400 migrants to Washington, D.C., 3,800 to New York City, over 1,200 migrants to Chicago, and the first bus arrived in Philadelphia this past week.

The letter to President Biden continued with:

“Until Congress acts or the Biden Administration does its constitutionally required job, Texas guardsmen and troopers must bear the burden of securing the border. I order you to use all resources and tools available to repel immigrants from attempting to cross illegally, arrest those who cross illegally and return them to the border, and arrest criminals who violate Texas law.”

Governor Abbott is taking the border crisis into his own hands as Biden plays politics on the international level with Mexico and other Latin American countries.

Do you think Governor Abbott is doing a good job handling the migrant crisis?

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