Here is the Immigration Solution Beto O'Rourke Proposed - Will it Work?

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As Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott busses migrants out of his state to sanctuary cities, the Democratic challenger has a solution to the immigration crisis. O’Rourke wants to grant a guest worker program.

Basically, O’Rourke wants to offer temporary guest worker visas as millions of people have crossed the Texas and Mexican border.

O’Rourke commented on how to solve the immigration problem during Friday’s debate at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley just south of San Antonio.

He said:

“I’m going to work with local leaders, Republicans and Democrats alike, to make sure that we have a Texas-based guest worker program. To alleviate shortages that we have in our state for labor demands and reduce inflation and address supply chain issues as well.”

His campaign website states the guest worker’s program for Texas:

“provides a legal way for migrants to fill labor shortages in key Texas industries like agriculture, oil and gas, and manufacturing.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said O’Rourke’s idea was not the solution. He said:

“[O’Rourke] talked about this guest worker program. He could have done that had he won the race for the Senate or won the race for president. That’s not a job for governor. The job of governor is have to deal with the chaos caused by the Biden administration and his open border policies that Beto would replicate.”

Here's what the candidates said on immigration:

This will keep the immigration plan in limbo

O’Rourke’s idea is possible but would need support in Washington, D.C. first.

Immigration professor Néstor Rodriguez at the University of Texas at Austin said this idea will get stuck given the gridlock in D.C.

“It’s an interesting idea, an innovative thought but you can imagine that a new law would have to go through Congress. That’s going to be a major obstacle right now given the attitudes about immigration.”

Trying to get this idea through Congress will be tough unless one of the lawmakers can come up with a better solution.

Do you think O’Rourke’s immigration solution would work?

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