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Texas Residents are Receiving an Extra $250 a Month - Are You One of Them?

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Dallas City Council agreed to a plan to provide money to disadvantaged families. The initial idea is to give $250 a month to 325 families for one year.

This equity plan was passed by Dallas City Council in August. This is the first time the city has given money to residents.

Councilman Casey Thomas said:

“It's a big step and it's definitely a step we need to take.”

Thomas said this plan could benefit families the same way that federal child tax credits have.

He added:

“We've seen where tax credits have been used. An extra $300, $400, $500 a month to help families, has been able to help them stay in their homes, make car payments, take care of utilities especially coming out of the pandemic.”

The council will not determine who gets the money but a non-profit will make the decision.

This plan was approved on August 24 with a 14 to 1 decision and only Council member Cara Mendelsoh was against the plan.

Mendelsoh said:

“I’m not a fan of giving away taxpayers’ dollars with no accountability.”

Census.gov states that Dallas has an 18.1% poverty rate according as of 2017 with a large homeless population. Then with the high inflation this year, that doesn’t help residents.

The cost of inflation raising prices on grocery and utility bills will help low-income families during these times.

Here’s how Dallas is funding this

You may wonder where is this extra money coming from. Well, the city has excess funds from sales tax revenue that is marked for racial justice efforts.

This is based on the Mayors For a Guaranteed Income that several other Texas cities are a part of including Austin, San Antonio, and Houston.

In Austin, 85 households receive $1,000 a month. In Houston, 110 families receive $375 a month. And in San Antonio, 1,000 low-income families receive $400 every three months over a two-year period.

Here is Austin Mayor Adler talking about the guaranteed income plan:

Do you think this is a good plan for Dallas?

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