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Mayor Adams Wants Migrants Housed in this New York City Neighborhood

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Five buses arrived in New York City on Tuesday as the city is building up tent city in the Bronx. Tent city is not a permanent home for migrants but a temporary home to facilitate their transfer which is expected to last up to four days.

The area is expected to hold up to 1,000 people in five massive tents.

But tent city is not looked at as favorable by everyone.

Bronx resident Kristy Marmorato who lives close to where the migrants camp is getting set up is questioning the move set up by New York Mayor Eric Adams. She worries that residents are feeling the brunt of helping migrants in her neighborhood.

She also criticized the mayor for crimes that occur in her city.

Marmorato said on Fox News:

"It's very frustrating because us, as Bronx residents, are absorbing this problem."
"It shouldn't be our issue. It's good to help people, and we want to help these people. We want to help them in the right way. We want to help them as they're coming into this country the proper way, and unfortunately, they're taking advantage of this process, and we're absorbing this problem."

She added that even the Bronx borough president does not agree with setting up tent city in her area.

Marmorato has a daughter and is worried about her safety. She is afraid to have her daughter play in her own neighborhood due to the influx of migrants in her own area.

"I do not feel safe. I actually go to the park often, at least twice a week. I take my child to the play park over there. This tent is being erected about a quarter of a mile away from where the play park is, where there's a bunch of children."

Marmorato said about Mayor Adams:

"He's doing nothing for the city, unfortunately, and it's kind of scary. It's scary. The crime rates are going up. Unemployment, especially in the Bronx, is twice the national level, he isn't doing nothing for us, our community."

Mayor Adams has called Governor Abbott the real victim of the migrant situation.

Would you want a tent city of migrants set up by your home?

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