Mayor Adams Called Governor Abbott the Real Victim Over the Migrants

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To handle the surge of migrants, New York Eric Adams wants to open more shelters since the number of migrants has overwhelmed the city's homeless structures.

In a statement released last Thursday, Mayor Adams wrote:

"This is not an everyday homelessness crisis, but a humanitarian crisis that requires a different approach."

New York has already opened 23 shelters and 38 more shelters may be required to handle the migrants. They estimate New York has seen 13,000 migrants that have arrived from Arizona and Texas this year causing New York’s internal structure to break.

The city recently opened an internal structure to help streamline the system as migrants arrived in the city mentioned here.

The tent that New York plans to open would house 1,000 adults for one to four days as they receive health assessments before they move into the city shelters.

Infighting among New York leaders

Mayor Adams has been facing some pressure from the internal structures of city organizations. The mayor has been criticized by the Legal Aid Society over the influx of migrants from Texas.

Adams said the real villain is Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

In a statement the city said:

"We are extremely alarmed by the frequency of these violations under this Administration, and, as legally required, the City must immediately promulgate a plan to ensure that no further violations occur. Should the City continue to deprive our clients of this codified right, we’ll seek action from the court."

In an interview released last Thursday at the Texas Tribune in Austin, Mayor Adams said:

"We need help from the Legal Aid Society to put their legal minds with ours, and let's go after the real villain here, which is Governor Abbott, and not go after these city employees who have dedicated their lives to help people in need.”

In response, Governor Abbott said he is bringing attention to the border crisis. Previously, he told Fox News:

"We have a president who has refused to go see the chaos that he's created on the border and a border czar, Kamala Harris, who's refused to say what's going on the border. If they will not go to the border, we're taking the border to them, so they can see the challenges they're imposing to the entire United States of America."

Governor Abbott even invited Mayor Adams and Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser to visit Texas to see the issues he is dealing with.

Adams didn’t visit, but he sent a delegation to Texas to get a better idea of the situation.

He did say:

"Crises requires coordination. Governor Abbott did not coordinate at all. In fact, they first denied that they were sending migrants here."

The infighting continues between the New York mayor and Texas governor. Governor Abbott previously called Adams a hypocrite.

Do you think Mayor Adams is handling the migrant crisis?

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