Republican Support is Growing Among Mexican Americans in Texas

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In part of Texas especially along the border, many Hispanics voted Democrat. But over recent years, some are changing parties and supporting the Republican agenda, especially in controlling the migrant crossings.

In Texas, Dale Lynn Caruthers was Democrat and won a seat in the Terrell County Commissioners Court in 2018. Terrell is on the outskirts of Dallas. Then in 2021, President Joe Biden took office and things started to change.

Biden changed a lot of the policies under the Trump administration regarding immigration. Then in small towns such as Terrell, they started to see an increase in migrants crossing the border.

Caruthers said:

“Seeing the lack of support from the federal government has really impacted the community and they’re looking and leaning towards the Republican Party.”

According to San Antonio Report, Terrell County saw Republican voters increase from 12% in 2012 to 31% in 2022.

Democratic Party Chair of Maverick County Juanita Martinez mentioned the Republican party has been growing in recent years. She said:

“Everybody knows the Republicans have been targeting the border. We’re mostly a Democratic community, so we have to work it, work it, work it. No way in hell can we ever let even one Republican get into office. That’s our main objective: Keep Maverick County blue.”
“They would name them on one hand. Usually, in a county like ours, if you were running and you won the [Democratic] primary, that was it, you won. Because there were no Republicans.”

Politics is slowly changing over the Texas-Mexican border and thousands of migrants cross the border daily.

Jason Villaba, the founder of the Texas Hispanic Policy Foundation and a former GOP said:

“Hispanics in [South Texas] don’t vote on the color of the jersey, they vote based on candidates that will have the best impact in their communities and in their lives,” he added. “They vote for jobs, employment, security, and education. Those will win the hearts and minds of Hispanics, regardless of party.”

Politics in Texas has changed over the past few years over the border situation which is likely to help Governor Greg Abbott in this year’s race.

Do you think the border situation is helping Governor Abbott in this year's election?

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