New Mysterious Group Targets Governor Abbott With Their Political Ads

Tom Handy
Mysterious PAC ad against Governor AbbottScreenshot from Twitter and image from Pexels

A political group called Could Been Worse LLC purchased $6 million in ad campaign as they go after Governor Greg Abbott as he runs for re-election in Austin. This comes after Governor Abbott recently said “It could have been worse” after the recent shooting in Uvalde.

For Uvalde, this was the second shooting incident after the school shooting on May 24 where two teachers and 19 students were killed in a mass shooting.

In the video, the narrator says at the end:

“Any one of these — a terrible shame for Texas. All of these — a horrific sign something big is terribly, terribly wrong.”

Then the video ends with a clip of Governor Abbott saying:

“It could have been worse.”

Abbott made the comment after law enforcement showed up at the school shooting in Uvalde.

Last Thursday, news broke out that the Could Have Been Worse LLC was buying ad space for $6.1 million on Cable TV and broadcast media. They have ad space reserved for Friday to October 9 according to AdImpact.

If the group meets the Texas Ethics Commission requirement as a political action committee, as “two or more persons acting in concert with a principal purpose of accepting political contributions or making political expenditures.”

There is also no indication of who is part of this mysterious group.

National Campaign Finance Expert Brett Kappel said there is nothing illegal with the group advertising based on the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision.

Abbott strategist Dave Carney tweeted:

“How dirty can Beto’s scam dark money groups be if they won’t give directly to him? Won’t protect him for accountability.”

Beto O’Rourke could gain support from these ads that help improve his stance against Governor Abbott who has a 7-point lead in recent polling.

O’Rourke said:

“Republicans, Democrats, people across the state of Texas, want to make sure that we know who is seeking to influence the outcomes of elections.”

Do you think this mysterious political action committee will help O’Rourke in the election?

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