Illinois Governor Said Texas Governor Abbott is Uncooperative

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott has bussed migrants that crossed the Texas-Mexican border to sanctuary states such as New and Washington, D.C. Then he added a third state on September 1 - Chicago.

Chicago's mayor said she has had no verbal contact with Governor Abbott except over Twitter.

After hearing Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot share her thoughts and comments about the migrants entering her city, the Governor of Illinois finally shared his thoughts.

And, they're not very nice.

On Thursday, Governor J.B. Pritzker said Texas Governor Greg Abbott and his staff were very uncooperative. He said Abbott's busing was politically motivated and "disgusting".

He added Abbott's staff was:

“wholly uncooperative in Texas. They are trying to sow chaos around the country, not just here in Chicago.”
“It shouldn’t be that the governor of Texas is essentially taking these people, treating them like cattle, treating them like property, putting them on buses, sending them wherever he wants to send them."
“It should be the choice of people who come to this country and, of course, the United States government should be managing that. I guess I’ll just say if they’re coming to Illinois, we’re a welcoming state. … What’s happening, what the governor of Texas is doing is disgusting, and it needs to stop.”

Without saying it, the governor blamed the Biden administration to step up and decide the United States' role in allowing migrants into the country.

Naturally, Abbott's spokesperson Renae Eze deflected the comments and partly agreed with Pritzker and said:

“Instead of spreading false claims of contacting our office and complaining about a few thousands [of] migrants being bused to a sanctuary city in his state, Governor Pritzker should contact the person who created this border crisis to step up and do his job — President Biden.”

Cities need to prepare for migrants to enter their city since Governor Abbott doesn't plan to stop bussing them anytime soon.

What city do you think Governor Abbott will send the migrants to next?

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