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Washington, D.C. Mayor Has Requested National Guard Support 50 Times

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Since Governor Greg Abbott has bussed migrants from Texas to Washington, D.C. to show President Joe Biden the issue he is dealing with on the Texas-Mexican border, Washington, D.C. mayor has requested National Guard support this past week.

In the latest request, Mayor Muriel Bowser asked for national guard support for 90 days as more migrants arrived in the Capitol. The request was more detailed and would start from August 22 until December 1, 2022, and be reevaluated again.

Mayor Bowser said:

"DCNG would assist with managing sites inside the District, such as facility management, feeding, sanitation, and ground support."

Bowser mentioned in the letter that for migrants who did not plan to stay in Washington, D.C., she requested support from the National Guard to help for 72 hours until they left.

Bowser wrote this would:

“Help prevent a prolonged humanitarian crisis in our nation's capital.”
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The Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III previously denied Mayor Bowser’s request for national guard assistance to handle the migrants.

It is estimated more than 200 buses have arrived in Washington, D.C. carrying 4,000 migrants to Union Station.

The migrants arrive without any housing, food, or water.

Someone in Texas lied to the migrants

As migrants continue to get bussed out of Texas, some migrants have been lied to so Texas authorities could get them on the bus.

Ana Karina Acre Polano, an asylum seeker from Venezuela and mother of two, was told by a man in uniform with a badge told her would go to Washington, D.C., and then get sent to Colorado.

Polano said:

"We arrived here with faith to give them a better life and it turns out that we do not even have a place to sleep and no way to get where we want to go.”

Then Barbara Diaz, an asylum seeker and mother of three from Venezuela, said an official in Texas told her family someone in D.C. would provide a bus ride or flight to Chicago.

She said:

“But it was all a lie.”

Ultimately, Bowser claims she has requested National Guard support nearly 50 times since she became mayor in 2015.

The mayor wrote:

"Each time, these operational, apolitical requests have been granted. I have been honored to work with these men and women to keep our nation's capital safe in times of great stress, and I take very seriously my responsibility to honor their service with legitimate, on-mission requests.”

Do you think the Pentagon will support Mayor Bowser's request for assistance?

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